Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sunday was a very long day. The morning was punctuated by amazing worship and teaching on Jesus calling the 12. Having the college students back makes SUCH a difference! Wow--there was some serious energy Sunday.

ZOE met at our house for much of the afternoon discussing some of the details of the recording and things that went well and not so well. It was one of the most encouraging experiences of recent weeks. God has blessed us so much with family in that group. We've been together now 8 years and there's just something that happens over that length of time. We know each other--our strengths and weaknesses. There's protection, there's accountability, there's grace. It's really something. I was relieved to discover that the things I had been thinking were shared by all. If I'm crazy, at least there are 8 other crazy people standing next to me. I am so grateful for each of them. That's really all I can say. Anyone want some creamed corn?

As ZOE was leaving our house, folks from our Life Group were coming in. We had a lot of people out Sunday night, but there were enough of us there to talk through some of the issues related to our kids and how to try doing things in a new way. Instead of hiring, we're going to have everyone take turns with a partner. It should work out that they only have to do it every 8-10 weeks. When I was a single at the Lake Highlands Church in Dallas, we did that in our home group. I am still very close to the kids in our group--even though many of them are either in college now or about to be. I hope we can find something that works.

Yesterday we spent lunch around the pool. It was fun. Maddie and Ella are really doing well with their swimming. Sheryl is such a great teacher and encourager. Nap time allowed us to watch more of the Olympics. I never mentioned it, but did anyone see the trampoline stuff? I mean, that's just weird. Wow--loved Justin Gatlin's finish in the 100m. Incredible! Paul Hamm...poor guy. He's had a rough week. That crowd last night was really something. Not sure what...just something. Nice job, judges.

I went out to dinner last night with JV and Nathan. It was a great night. I am encouraged by what God is doing in both of their lives. It has been something that has spurred me on these last couple of weeks. As we were about to leave, I got in my Blazer and...prrrrrrrllt. brrrrrlttt......click...click. Creamed Corn!!!! For the love! This is like strike 15 for the dear ol BSTmobile. As I write, my now close friends at the car place are towing it to be fixed. Unbelievable.

This morning we took Maddie to begin her new school year. She was so thrilled! Ella was not. Ella is in the cutest place where she has to do everything Maddie does--even imitating the way she stands. Sheryl has pointed this out and it's just too cute. She'll miss Big Sister while she's at school.

I am trying to get ready to go to San Antonio this week. I am going down to consult with a church who wants to begin a more regular praise team ministry. Pray for wisdom for me as I try and offer some words of experience. It's hard to offer advice or wisdom when you aren't exactly sure of their culture and personalities. One mistake I think churches make is trying the "pattern" approach. I fully believe the Holy Spirit wants to do a unique work in each of our churches. Maybe I can at least help them think through what that might look like for them. I will also get to stay with Jeff and Carol Nelson. I can't wait to see them. Sounds like things are really going strong at Oak Hills. I know Jeff has to be exhausted.

Tomorrow night is Phil Keaggy! If you're close to Nashville, plan to be here. Doors open at 6:30 and it usually fills up quickly.

This has been haunting me this morning from Hebrews 12... "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." Great words to remember today.


Greg said...

Brandon, I really enjoyed this post. And, it is interesting to me the verse you have on your mind, with the Olympics going on and all, that right before the part you quoted it says "Let us run with perseverance the race that is set out for us." Amazing.

Hope the news is not too bad with BSTmobile.

Mae said...

Not to be incredibly shallow ~ but well, to everything there is a season... right?
If for some reason the BSTmoblie is beyond repair and you are in the market for a fine 4 door truck (2000 GMC Sierra, loaded, bed rug, taunno (sp?) cover, beautiful piece of American made truck). Let me know, cuz we're selling ours in the pursiut of less debt. Sacrifices are tough sometimes, but we really don't need 3 vehicles for 2 people!
Call me shallow, call me a sell out, just call me and buy my truck!
Be careful in San Antonio and I pray that God's hand leads you to guide the congregation to a higher worship place. One where they are guided by the Holy Spirit and sing beautiful praise to God.

Brandon Scott said...

Even better--donate it. Hey--it's a tax write off. Just bring it over whenever you're ready. Thanks again.

Brandon Scott said...

Even better--donate it. Hey--it's a tax write off. Just bring it over whenever you're ready. Thanks again.

Clarissa said...

Sorry about the Blazer -- and glad we didn't end up buying it from ya! The BSTmobile? Spelled a lot like the batmobile ... yes, that's right, folks, he has a secret life. Creamed Corn.

Lovell's Lookout said...

Brandon- I cannot believe you have abandoned the "Pattern"!!! We have the pattern- the New Testament.I am going to send in an editorial about this.What has happened!!!
Signed- A Concerned Brother

Brandon Scott said...

Dear concerned brother Lovell,
If you do, I'll go public with certain incriminating photos I have of you! HA! Dude--wish you were here today.

SG said...

Creamed Corn. Found myself using that as an expression in the real world today. I got the strangest looks from everyone! Couldn't even begin to explain it without sounding even stranger. You are so rubbing off on me ...all the way from Nashville. Wave as you fly over Waco, or better yet, if you are driving (which is doubtful with the BSTmobile and all) Stop by! We are on your way!