Monday, January 31, 2011

Heart Gala 2011

It's Heart Gala time. Months and months of preparation are about to come to fruition this Saturday at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. For more info and a few pics from last year click HERE

I love getting to produce events for the American Heart Association. Erin Link does a great job and is a joy to work with.

The race is on this week--a mad dash to the finish line. We had a great pre-production meeting today at the Schermerhorn. It's going to be a great event! This year's theme will be Alice in Wonderland. I'll post pictures after it's over and after I sleep for 48 hours.

In other news today, Sheryl had a blow out in the van with kids in the car. We're very thankful that everyone is ok. Our van...well, the jury is still out.

Please be in prayer for the family of Vickie Smith. My mom and Vickie were professors at ACU together and good friends. She is currently under Hospice care and not well. This was extremely fast--a matter of a few weeks. We just never know how many days we have ahead of us. Let's make every moment count!

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Links

My buddy, Jeff Schulte, has a new blog worth checking out. Jeff was the founding pastor of Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville and has been a tremendous source of encouragement and friendship for me this year. Although Jeff and his family are now in Alaska, God connected us and directed our steps toward one another and I have been better for it. What I love about Jeff is that he loves Jesus. He's honest. He's not going to give you a bunch of Christian-ese. He knows what it's like to walk through valleys. He's one of the strongest believers I know and he oozes with HOPE.

In the blog world you see all kinds of things. Jeff isn't going to preach to you about sectarianism. He's not going to be self righteous or appear to have all the answers. But he will challenge you. So, if you're up for a glimpse of a guy with a pastoral heart and gift who means a lot to me...check out his blog HERE

I'm also adding a link to the blog of my long-time friend and mentor, David Lewis.  David is a great man also with an incredible pastoral gift. I am so thankful for his influence in my life over the last 25 years. Check out his blog HERE

I'll add these to the list at the right over there too. Have a great Friday everyone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow!

A blanket of snow fell over Nashville again was beautiful coming down. The streets are starting to freeze over tonight as the temperature drops to 16 degrees. I have a huge day tomorrow and I really REALLY need the roads to be clear. I'm praying God sends a blanket of SALT over night for the Nashville streets!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

On this day where we honor MLK and the great prophetic voice he was to our country, I'd like to share one of my favorite MLK quotes.

“Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.” –Paul’s Letter to American Christians

In this sermon on Nov. 4, 1956, King adopted the voice of the Apostle Paul to imagine what the New Testament author would have said about American society. In King’s imaginary letter, Paul called on Americans to redouble efforts to help the poor, work for social equality, and come together as a nation. He also warned that America’s spiritual development had not kept pace with its amazing scientific strides, and urged people to concentrate on faith.

I submit to you that we have made great strides in some ways...and find ourselves still paralyzed in others. Hate is a funny thing. It shows itself up in subtle ways that make us feel better about it. Join me today in examining the parts of our hearts that still need to be infused with the grace of Jesus for others.

Maddie had to memorize this for school...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inauguration Day

Today will mark the inauguration of Tennessee's new Governor, Bill Haslam. One of my fellow producers at Gary Musick Productions, Bert Hensley, produced the set for the festivities. Our graphic artist Keith Brogdon did a great job too! Congratulations for a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Snow!

First things first... Happy birthday to my dad today. He would have been 78. We miss you, Dad!

My wacky dad! He was the best!

Nashville has been hit by another snow storm this week causing schools to close (for 4 days now) and sleds to be uncovered. What a beautiful snow it's been! It made me think about that old Christmas song... "It's a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground..." It really looks like whipped cream. Our kids have had a blast. It's been a lot of fun to do some sledding this week. Now...I'm ready for temperatures to be back above freezing, please.

The view from our front porch



Maddie and Ella had a blast sledding with one of their neighborhood buddies

Sam and me

Maddie and me

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bath Water into Wine

Yesterday morning we were on our way out to Forest Home for worship and we felt a tugging to go to Otter Creek. I had no idea why and we didn't know that Patrick was going to be preaching but once we arrived and realized he was the guest speaker that day, it all made sense! Patrick Mead is the father of our good friend Kara Graves (the wife of Otter Creek preaching minister Josh Graves--also a good friend). Patrick always tells it like it is with great humor and grace. I love to hear his Scottish accent and hilarious stories. Through his easy way of presenting the good news, he always adds some zingers and power punches. Yesterday I felt like he hit all my hot topics and soap box issues. I LOVED IT!!

One of the things that truly hit home with me was when Patrick talked about how Jesus came to bring Good News...and the law of Love! He said (paraphrased), "Jesus came to bring the law of Love and drag us out of the temple into this new way of Life! But because we're more comfortable with rules and regulations, we've been trying...for 2000 drag him right back in." In other words...we're way more comfortable with "religion" as WE define it and far less comfortable with the grace and freedom Christ brought and the SPIRIT-filled life!

I've seen this over the last few months in several places (including my own life). Churches  and church leaders caught in arguments over what they can or can't...or won't do. Arguing over instruments, arguing over women's role (don't even get me started's like someone trying to tell you the world is still flat), arguing over church names, arguing over whether communion will be served from the front or back...or at all. And arguments over who is to be called our brother or not called our brother. I cannot stand that stuff. I am telling you right now. Blech.

Patrick nails it. We have good news. GOOD NEWS! Hearing what he had to say made me want to stand and shout and throw my arms up in the air! The glory of God has been made KNOWN to us! To all of, woman,, white, brown, purple...everyone!

Please take about 15-20 minutes to listen to this. It will be one of the best parts of your day, I guarantee it.'ll leave that time with a big smile on your face!


Thank you, Patrick!! I love you!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ella's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Fancy Nancy was extra fancy today at our house. Ella had her 8th birthday party...a "Fancy Nancy" birthday tea party. Fancy Nancy is a character from a popular children's book series by the same name. Our girls LOVE Fancy Nancy!

Ella wore a dress that Gail and Sheryl bought together with money they combined in High School and both wore it to different banquets that year (1987). It was the perfect Fancy Nancy dress. Sam, Canaan, Chris and I were the waiters. It was a fun day!

Here are some pics...

Ella (with her Fancy Nancy doll that she got for her birthday from Sheryl and me) poses with Sam and Maddie

We transformed the living room into a "parlor" fit for high tea

Ella and Sheryl made the cupcakes

my beautiful girls!

Ella and Nonnie

Ella and Abby Batson

Ella and some of her buddies from school, I think we counted 7 nationalities represented today

Sheryl read some from the Fancy Nancy tea party book and played a game with the girls where everyone went around the table and shared what they would take on a trip to Paris.

Gloria (on the left) is Korean and wore a beautiful Korean party dress.

Musical chairs was a popular game today too!

Happy birthday, Ella!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Yesterday was Ella's 8th birthday! She had a great day! Stay tuned for pics from her upcoming Fancy Nancy tea party this weekend! I'm so thankful for my Ella and her tender heart for people. Between her warm hugs and hilarious quips, she fills our lives full of joy!

Ella and Cisco

Happy birthday, Ella!