Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ella's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Fancy Nancy was extra fancy today at our house. Ella had her 8th birthday party...a "Fancy Nancy" birthday tea party. Fancy Nancy is a character from a popular children's book series by the same name. Our girls LOVE Fancy Nancy!

Ella wore a dress that Gail and Sheryl bought together with money they combined in High School and both wore it to different banquets that year (1987). It was the perfect Fancy Nancy dress. Sam, Canaan, Chris and I were the waiters. It was a fun day!

Here are some pics...

Ella (with her Fancy Nancy doll that she got for her birthday from Sheryl and me) poses with Sam and Maddie

We transformed the living room into a "parlor" fit for high tea

Ella and Sheryl made the cupcakes

my beautiful girls!

Ella and Nonnie

Ella and Abby Batson

Ella and some of her buddies from school, I think we counted 7 nationalities represented today

Sheryl read some from the Fancy Nancy tea party book and played a game with the girls where everyone went around the table and shared what they would take on a trip to Paris.

Gloria (on the left) is Korean and wore a beautiful Korean party dress.

Musical chairs was a popular game today too!

Happy birthday, Ella!!


rcorum said...

My wife is a elementary school librarian and just love to watch the reaction of the children when she read Fancy Nancy. A few weeks ago we happened to be in a Barnes and Noble near our house when we were able to meet the illustrator for the series. I don't remember her name, but there was some kind of mix up and there was almost no one there so my wife has a ball getting to talk with her, and thank goodness for cell phone cameras. Sounds like a fantastic birthday party.

Sarah said...

(totally jealous of getting to meet the illustrator!)

Couldn't have come up with a better party for that little Fancy Nancy! Tell her I love her and 'Happy Birthday'!!

Sheryl, as always, created a masterpiece of a party, and those waiters -- very handsome! :-) Love it all!

Love the multicultural party, too!