Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Jazz

Last Wednesday night Derek Brown and some of his buddies did a jazz program for us at Highland. Derek is the director of the ACU Jazz band program and goes to Highland. It was so cool to see people getting to use their gifts and bless others. It was fantastic! Thank you, Derek!

The Christmas Family Tree

This year the Highland Children's ministry produced a Christmas musical called "The Christmas Family Tree" written by my Nashville buddy, Kathie Hill. Our friend Kelly Litton directed the show. She was simply amazing. Sheryl was on her team of teachers and we all just marveled at her amazing gifts along the way.

Maddie had her first solo...ever. I was so excited to hear her and my heart just melted when she sang! Ella had a hilarious lip sync moment with Sheryl singing off clips will be at the bottom after the pictures.

Thank you to Kelly, Suzetta (our children's minister) and all those who gave so much of their time to make this happen!

This is the video clip where the "Christmas" children introduce themselves...wait for Ella at the end. Hilarious!

This is Maddie's sweet solo. I wish you could have heard it really sounded so great!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here With Us

On December 4th we had the Highland Christmas Celebration at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Abilene. It was an awesome night! Here are some pics of that long but fun day.

Load in started that morning at 9:30am...kudos to all the cast who gave up an entire day to get everything ready!

The theater is ready...the sound and lights are set and we are ready to begin our rehearsals and sound check with the band and choir!

Brandon Young who I knew at ACU and then at Otter Creek in Nashville is now back in Abilene with his family teaching art and design at ACU. He is a FANTASTIC electric guitar player! I am so excited he played with us.

Jordan Ziemer...God led me to Jordan. He plays keys at Beltway Baptist in Abilene but has connections  to Highland., I loved having Jordan there.

Rod Pringle...long time Highland member and awesome musician. It was a true pleasure having Rod play.

Logan Pringle grew up at Highland but in recent years has been traveling with his band and playing in Austin. Logan is incredibly gifted...and back in Abilene. I'm so thankful!

The evening began with Greg Straughn playing cello and voice over readings of the prophets and then a haunting acappella version of "O Come, O Come Emanuel" by Beth.

Thanks to Lyndell Lee for all the great graphics and ProPresenter stuff.

The band kicks into high gear for rehearsal

Lindi Connally rehearses her incredible dance piece

After rehearsal we shared a very special time of communion together.

Rehearsals are complete and it's time to open the house! Let all those folks in!

Thank you to Debbie Riggs from PURE Photography for these amazing pictures! They were such a great gift to us! I love the beautiful Paramount Theater. I can't imagine a more perfect venue for our Christmas celebration. Thank you to Barry Smoot and everyone at the Paramount.

Merry Christmas, everyone!