Monday, April 28, 2008

Infinity Install

My flight to Acapulco was thankfully uneventful. The best part was the flight attendant who, in a very Texas accent, kept saying what a niiiiiice day it was and kept referring to “Acapooco”. No one else seemed to think it was funny, but I know for certain I laughed out loud at least once.

I was really surprised at the size of Acapulco. I never knew how big it was. It is a very large city. I rode a taxi about 30 minutes from the airport o the pier. My life flashed before my eyes. I honestly wasn’t sure I would live to see the ship. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. :)

Rebecca (our production manager) and Tony (Celebrity’s production manager) met me at the pier and got me situated on board. The Infinity is a beautiful ship! There was a nice string quartet playing in the atrium and I was glad to be on board and ready to see both casts. (I taught the cast that’s ending their contract here too.)

This is the Infinity!

The new cast took me to dinner that night. It was so great to be reunited with all of them!

rehearsals of "Celebrate the World". This was taken from the third level inside the theater. It's a very nice, big theater.

It was also great to see the old cast again! They've had a LONG 8 month contract through South America--but they've gotten to see some amazing places! It seems like yesterday they were in Nashville in rehearsals! (L-R) Brad (USA), Jason (Canada), me, Adriana (NYC), Eno (London/Nigeria)

Eno and Adriana

Jason, Brad and me

The next day I watched the new cast do a dress run of the Fats Waller show. It was great!

Katelyn, Scott, Andrew (all USA) and Danil (Russia) pose before the run

Holly (USA), Tracey (UK), Laura (Scotland), Natalie (USA) My Infinity singers-- Adam, Jennie, Jeremy, Courtney, Dustin
The cast did a great job on their run. These show are extensive with costume changes, flown sets, and lots of tech cues. Below are some pictures from our tech run of "Celebrate the World"

Venetian section

There are moving levels on stage that make it really interesting. As the dancers do this Irish number (Lord of the Dance style) the level raises up and begins to turn around. It's cool to see!


This is the African section...very cool too!
Yesterday the cast did a dress/tech run of their Broadway show. Here are some pics--

West Side Story
West Side Story
Les Miserable
Chorus Line
On Saturday night I got to watch the old cast do their final show on board. They were fantastic! I was so glad I got to see them perform together one last time. They did "Celebrate the World" that night. The costumes are really amazing. Here's a picture of the final song--"Rio". The dancers all have beautiful costumes resembling the festivities in Rio.

The new cast and I enjoyed watching and cheering them on. Pictured here--Sanci (Hungary), Laura (Scotland), and me

Posing here with Katelyn, Adam and Tracey

After the show I went backstage to congratulate the cast and we took this picture. (L-R) Derek, Adriana, Jason, me, Brad, and Eno. Congratulations on a great contract! May God bless each step you take.

Our new cast is ready to hit the ground running. They will be a big hit. Amazing voices, amazing hearts! Blessings to all of you!

I am getting ready to head to Los Angeles to meet my family and sing with ZOE this week. I am excited to see Sheryl and the kids!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I am alive and well out on the Infinity. We sailed from Alcapulco to Cabo San Lucas over the past two days. We're headed to San Francisco.

The cast is doing a great job. We're rehearsing a lot and there are a lot of technical aspects to these shows with stage lifts, flown set pieces, aerialists, and lots of costumes. But the cast is looks really sharp!

I will write more updates when I get back to the states early next week. I'm looking forward to seeing my family in Los Angeles!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Misty Watercolor...Ponies

Yesterday at Ella's soccer practice I visited with Wayne Watson whose grandson is on Ella's team. Wayne was a big Christian artist back in the day. One of his legendary songs is called "Watercolor Ponies". It was written about his son (Neil) and how quickly time passes. The watercolor ponies were painted by Neil...whose son is on Ella's soccer team. The end of that song is rather depressing as the writer laments that one day those ponies will run away and his son will be grown. I guess time does march on!

I am headed to Acapulco today to board the Celebrity Infinity. I will be doing work with the cast out there until next week when I'll fly to Los Angeles to meet my family and the other ZOE's for our few days at Pepperdine.

Hope to see some of you out there!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jonathan and Rachel Shaub!

Last week was difficult. We had to go through a cast change with the Majesty and it was just yucky. But-I know it happened for a purpose.

However, the weekend more than made up for it. The Shaub family brought us to Florida to participate in Jonathan's wedding. You may remember 3 years ago the hard core prayers offered on this blog and so many others for Jonathan's recovery after being hit by a large truck in NYC. It is a miracle that he lived...even more of a miracle that he walks now! And, with tears in our eyes, Sheryl and I watched him get married to beautiful Rachel and DANCE at his reception! That is a gift!!

Here are some pictures of our experience in Rosemary Beach. (Thanks also to Trina Gehl for helping with our kids! It was so great to see you, Trina!!)

the wedding site...prepared for the big day!

Jonathan escorting his mom, Sharon, down the aisle.

Jonathan and Rachel exchange vows

The Thomas family after the wedding

Maddie and Ella were SO excited to be there and were ready to dance!

Nicole Shaub and Maddie get the festivities started

Sheryl joins the fun!

Becky Foster danced with Sam

Jonathan and Rachel cut the cake (Sam had gone over after the wedding and helped himself to a finger tasting. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, friends!)

David Shaub and Ella cut a rug

Nicole and Sam

David and Maddie

Michael Ewing and Ella get down

WOW! Even Scott Owings let his hair down!

The next day, we got to have some family beach time before we drove home.

The kids call my father "Poppy"

Maddie and Ella would walk towards the freezing water bravely...

and then run screaming every time!

It was such a blast! Thanks to the Shaubs for allowing us to be a part of their very special weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NCL Majesty and Soccer Shenanigans

Today we had orientation for my new NCL cast...the Majesty. They seem to be another great group of performers.

L-R--Jason Kennedy (singer-from ACU!), Lucy Wilkerson (singer-from England), Mark McLaughlin (dancer-from Scotland), Taryn Escobar (dancer-from Florida), Hayden Escobar (Taryn's husband and dancer--from Australia), Marisa Merliss (dancer-from NYC--she says hi to you, Hilary!), Megan Gleckler (singer-from South Dakota), Blake Rowden (singer-from Tulsa)

I made it to Ella's soccer practice tonight. It was so much fun! (more like herding cats than an actual sport...but still!) She was getting so cracked up at herself trying to kick the ball. It was a blast watching her play!

Ella enjoys a well deserved water break! Thanks to Kiki and Kevin for coming to support Ella too. We love you guys!, American Idol tonight. Who's getting kicked off? I thought Brooke bit it tonight. I was really disappointed. Loved David A. and David C! Any thoughts out there?