Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NCL Majesty and Soccer Shenanigans

Today we had orientation for my new NCL cast...the Majesty. They seem to be another great group of performers.

L-R--Jason Kennedy (singer-from ACU!), Lucy Wilkerson (singer-from England), Mark McLaughlin (dancer-from Scotland), Taryn Escobar (dancer-from Florida), Hayden Escobar (Taryn's husband and dancer--from Australia), Marisa Merliss (dancer-from NYC--she says hi to you, Hilary!), Megan Gleckler (singer-from South Dakota), Blake Rowden (singer-from Tulsa)

I made it to Ella's soccer practice tonight. It was so much fun! (more like herding cats than an actual sport...but still!) She was getting so cracked up at herself trying to kick the ball. It was a blast watching her play!

Ella enjoys a well deserved water break! Thanks to Kiki and Kevin for coming to support Ella too. We love you guys!

OK...so, American Idol tonight. Who's getting kicked off? I thought Brooke bit it tonight. I was really disappointed. Loved David A. and David C! Any thoughts out there?


wstaple said...

My guess is that Brooke, Syesha and Carly will be in the bottom 3, with Brooke going home. Didn't quite get the judges' comments on Carly. Looks like it's headed for a showdown of the Davids next month!

Arlene Kasselman said...

David Cook was fabulous!

Thurman8er said...

Both Davids were great. With MJ gone, I'm hoping it comes down to those two.

I still don't want to live in a world where Kristy Lee Cook is still around and Michael Johns is gone. Sheesh.

Stephen Bailey said...

Sorry we keep playing phone tag. I loved Ella's soccer pics! The one season Rainey played, she successfully organized a ring-around-the-rosies game in front of her teams goal. The ring included members of both teams. In the middle of a game. I tried to claim it was an ingenious defensive ploy, but her coach didn't buy it. From the pictures, it looks like Ella's soccer skills have already surpassed Rainey's.

Katherine said...

Ella playing soccer is too fun!

I haven't gotten to watch the performances from last night, but I do know who left tonight-and no surprise-I imagined her off many weeks ago. I really hope the David's make it all the way through!!

I just had to let you know that after you talking about Baja Fresh many times on here, and since I love burrito places, I had to try it out-and did...twice while I was in Nashville, and LOVED it!! Awesome food and the mango salsa rocked. It was funny because I could not remember the exact name, and was hoping that while I was driving around I would spot it, and I did...so thank you for helping me find another addiction ;) Oh, and I am pretty much in love with Nashville (even though it was freezing while I was there)!

Hope you are having a great week~

Hilary said...

Yay -- Marisa in Nashville! I just love what a small world it is sometimes. So excited for talented, Jesus-loving friends of mine to work together.

See you next week in Malibu!!