Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol...Infinity Dinner

American Idol...can I just tell you how my jaw dropped when I heard that the cast sang Shout to the Lord? I watched the tape which was good...but then the reprise last night was even BETTER! WOW! (Seasons of Love was a different story. Hopefully, someone reassigned that sound technician after that night.) I couldn't BELIEVE who got voted off. What in the world??

Last night we had our farewell dinner for the Infinity cast before their final run-throughs today. It was a lot of fun. I was so glad Sheryl was there! Here are some pics...

The cast with Rebecca (behind me in the black) our production manager, Garris (seated in the middle) our studio manager, and Claire (seated on the end in the black and gold) our choreographer. This cast has been such a blessing. They are WONDERFUL!

Rodney and Claire Williams and us. Rodney does a lot of shows for us--special concerts, industrials, corporate shows etc. He's unbelievable. Claire and I end up getting to work together a lot teaming as choreographer and vocal director. They are two of our favorite new friends. Claire and I are putting a show together to take to D.C. in June. Gary is producing the convention. Toby Mac will be singing in the Sunday portion.

Me, Laura Oswald (from Scotland), Tracey Appleby (from Northern England), and Adam Bastien (from Michigan)

Me, Sandor Jonas (from Hungary), and Adrienne Courtois (from St. Louis)

Daniel Kovalev (from Russia), Micah Henderson (from Florida), Natalie Voorhes (from Florida), me

Tonight we are having dinner with the entire Williamson clan. I've really missed them. It will be a lot of fun! This weekend is Sheryl's birthday weekend. Woo-hooooo! She's amazingly only going to be 25. Isn't that something?


Amy Boone said...

I am furious about Michael Johns! What in the world!? That is just wrong! I realize that once it's down to the top 8 or so, it's going to be tough, but he is not the right choice to go now. Should he have won the whole thing? Maybe not, but should he have continued past this week? Certainly. Dumbfounded.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Yeah, what Amy said.

Anonymous said...


Hainey :)