Saturday, April 05, 2008


It was so awesome to be home today doing nothing but having conversations with my family. It is one of my favorite things in the entire world.

Tonight we went to the Saturday evening service at Fellowship. It was so amazing. Christy Nockles and Ronnie Freeman led worship and the message was incredible...again. I am loving the teaching there. We're still in Nehemiah and the message tonight was on being purposeful in relationships and Kingdom building. It was so very encouraging!

I got to see an old friend from ACU days, Jeff Roach. I hadn't seen Jeff and Jana in years. They are alive and well and Jeff is still in the music biz and doing scores for films. It was nice to catch up.

Afterwards, Lauren Gingles and Katey Earles came over and we had dinner together and watched a movie Sheryl had rented called "No Reservations". It was a cute movie but it affected me in a weird way. It's hard to explain. Sometimes movies about losing a parent still hit me hard. It's unpredictable.

The overriding feeling of the day is one of blessing though. I feel like the Word of God is coming alive to me in new and exciting ways, I love being with my family and drinking them in, I have amazing friends and the love of God. What could be better?


Anonymous said...

purposefully asking you to have lunch this week.

Brandon Scott said...

fo shizzle. Where and when? Any day but Tuesday.

Stephen Bailey said...

I'd like to have lunch too. When is good for you?...How cool to run into the Roach's. I figured Jeff was producing or doing studio stuff, had no idea he was in the movie biz...Loved the pic of Courtney and Maddie in your last entry...have a great week.

Val said...

He didn't have any idea who I was, but I was a bit of a Jeff Roach fan. Painted Pony did a bunch of his stuff b/c he wrote so well even as a youngster. I've heard from others he was a great producer, but I thought he was an incredible performer as well.

Val said...

BTW, I'm ready for lunch, too. Meet me at the Chili's by the mall.