Friday, March 30, 2007

Tonight was a great time of fellowship with a few of my very favorite people. Lea Brown brought dinner (so sweet!! And thanks to Amanda for dinner on Tuesday!!) and stayed and visited for a while. Lea is moving back to TX in May. We're trying to soak in every minute until she LEAVES US! (bitter?? Us??)

Sheryl had some girl time tonight while Jeff Berry, Jeff Johnson, and John Sheryl came over. JJ is here from Dallas finishing his worship record. (You might remember me writing about him before--he was an American Idol contestant in season 4--something we never let him forget.) John is here from Houston beginning his worship recording. JB came for some meetings about song writing and basically to SEE ME. (at least that's what I keep reminding him of.)

We laughed and laughed and laughed tonight. I always leave hoarse after spending time with those guys. (in the pic--Jeff Berry, me, Jeff Johnson)

My physical therapy went well today--it hurt. REALLY HURT. But--thankfully, I feel a wider range of motion tonight and was really able to have fun hangin' with the boys.

One last brother-in-law in trying to attract bloggers to his site is suggesting that I am actually a fan of mo-hawk Sanjayayaya. It is without merit and only refuels the debate of actually paying attention...Fajita, M&Ms come in all sizes and flavors but the original M&Ms are STILL the ORIGINAL M&Ms. Quit deflecting your issues onto poor Sanjaya. He seems to have enough to deal with on his own. Now---go counsel someone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice serious shot of Jeff Berry there. I love the blog setting where I can rib him without him being able to rib me least not yet! Those of you who've heard Jeff in concert at Otter before know that we love to give each other a hard time. We're life-long friends. Jeff and I have seen each other through a lot of things. He's also one of my all time favorite worship leaders and singers. Check out his website in my links...

His CDs are some of my very favorite worship CDs. Jeff has traveled with his band and helped start awesome events like "Choice" at Baylor and "Grace" in Abilene--college and young adult worship experiences. Until recently, when not on the road, he was leading worship at The Heights--a really awesome Baptist church in Dallas. He's now in a new time of transition.

Jeff flew into town today. We hadn't seen each other in a few months so it was great to catch up. He came to rehearsal tonight. We had a marathon 2 hour rehearsal. It was really an awesome night. The worship choir is slammin' and I am continually amazed at the combination of heart and voice that God has given us in the people He's drawn to OC. I feel SO incredibly blessed to work with them.

Tonight Jeff played while we sang "You Are Holy". ZOE's arrangement of that was inspired by Jeff. We ended rehearsal with a time of worship where Jeff played and sang one of his original songs, "When I Speak Your Name" (on ZOE's "Deep Calls to Deep" CD). It was such a great way to end our time together. I was moved again by those words--"I am forever changed...when I speak your name."

Afterwards, Jeff came to the house and we ran the gamut from laughter to serious heart sharing. I just thank God for friendships like that. I know God has Jeff in some unfamiliar territory and is leading him down some new roads. I just can't wait to see what those will look like. Will you join Jeff and me in praying that God will make that path clear?

Thank you for your prayers for my physical health. I am functional today. I begin physical therapy tomorrow and I am really hoping they can figure out what in the world is happening to me.

I've added a new link this week to my buddy Matthew Paul Turner. He's an author popular in the Emergent Church movement...and also just a hilarious guy. Thankfully, he's nestled right here in good ol' Nashvegas!

One last thing...Sanjaya on American Idol. What in the world??? That hair! I mean seriously. Thanks to my friend Justin McIntosh for photo shopping this and sending it to me. This is what I would look like with Sanjaya's hairdoo...hmmmmm--now THAT'S a faux hawk! Bless.

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's been a long day. I am not feeling the relief of the medication yet...BUT I was flipping channels tonight (I'm normally at Samson on Mondays) and stumbled upon

I heard a familiar voice serenading me. It was my Norwegian Cruise Line singing partner, Beverley Staunton. After doing a million shows together, we'd know each others' voices anywhere. Bev and Audra kept me sane on that contract. This is Beverley's 3rd or 4th season on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars". It was fun to hear her rockin' out tonight. If you look real close you can see her at the back of the band each week.

I'm so proud of Bev. Recently baptized, married to a great guy, and expecting a baby boy!! GO BEV!! I know you catch up on the blog as you can--Sheryl and I send our love. Can't wait to see you in L.A. in almost a month!!! YAY!

Back is affecting neck and left arm. Thank you for continued prayers. I went to the doc today and got some medication and a big honkin steroid shot. On to a PT in a couple of days and then we'll see. I can't seem to get relief. Please pray for a break in the pain. Thanks!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

We had a great weekend. Friday night Gary and Ellen Musick came over. We enjoyed our visit with them eating fondue and laughing.

Saturday afternoon the fondue theme carried over as the ACU alumni association had a nice reception at The Melting Pot in downtown for Nashville area alumni. It was good to visit with some old friends.

This morning John York preached again and did a great job. I was feeling awful though. I have a wicked Spring cold. back is just wrong. Apparently, it seems I have a rib that is somehow scraping against my scapula. It feels like it sounds. Please keep praying. I have been to the doctor every day--it's getting old! BUT, the weather here is gorgeous...85 degrees and the trees are in full bloom. (trying to think positively. It really is so true that when you're in a lot of pain it impacts everything. I don't know how people with chronic pain survive.)

We're getting closer and closer to Easter. The worship choir is sounding awesome and the band had a great rehearsal Saturday. It's going to be a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2007

This just in from our ZOE Wineskins editor, Greg Taylor...

Thanks to the diligence and expertise of Keith Brenton, ZOE officially
announces next Monday the availability of zoe worship mp3 downloads for a
buck. It's on the home page but announcement comes Monday and happy
to have people testing the waters today and through the weekend.Leak the
word on your channels!

Let the games begin!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

God bless Brian Wiersma. Brian sings with Vocal Union but is also a CHIROPRACTOR!! By this morning I was in tears. It has been really awful. I might have to get an MRI...but we're praying that these adjustments will do the trick.

I tried a new desk chair today to see if it would help. I have been doing stretching that makes me look like I am a Chinese acrobat. I have taken about everything I can take, legally. It's only helped marginally. Please pray for healing for me.

Tonight, we had rehearsal for Easter. Even though many were Spring Breaking, we still had a good, solid group. My friend, Gary Musick, dropped by and sang. Also, Clarissa Cox surprised everyone and was with us tonight. We miss her entire family.

Here's a picture of the few, the true, the non Spring Breakers!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anyone know how to post a cut from a song on blogger? My blogger tech guru is skiing. Let's all give one big BOOOOOO to Amy Westerman. (I'm just jealous)

I am really, really hurting. I need something...not sure what. Maybe like 20 adjustments to my back? Physical therapy? Jon Blackwell...WHERE ARE YOU??

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday night, thanks to the generosity of my friend, Meredith, I went to the Pink/ Justin Timberlake concert and sat in an awesome suite. Both were great performers. The arena was packed! At one point I looked over next to us and there was Reba McEntire and her husband. I freaked! Then I looked to my right and my buddy, Jody (who sings with Avalon) and his wife Stephanie were there with her brother. Jody and I kept text messaging gawking at Reba. I'm telling you...I was a 7th grader. Lauren was there and we all had such a blast! Overall, the show was great--but the company was even more fun!

Here's a picture of our group as the show was getting started.

The rest of the weekend was just beautiful! The "popcorn" trees (Bradford Pears) are out. This was taken outside our door. I love the blooms!

The girls and I went swimming on Saturday and had a nice visit with Gary Musick. I must have overdone it with swimming because I was really sore later. After swimming, my mom took us out to Opry Mills to get the kids' Easter outfits. They look so cute! How is it possible that we have kids this big??

This morning went really well. John York preached out of Luke 15 (prodigal) and did a great job! We spent some time in meditation studying the Rembrandt painting of "The Return of the Prodigal Son". I've always loved that painting.

This afternoon, Eve came over and did her Edward Scissor-hands magic on my hair. At least 2 inches...gone with a bit of a faux-hawk! HA! Some folks from our Life Group are pictured below. Sheryl threw together a fire pit and we burned up some of our fence pieces! (see...she continues to be resourceful!!!)
Many of you will be traveling for Spring careful out there! Blessings to you this week.

Friday, March 16, 2007

This morning was round two of Spring programs. Today it was Maddie's turn. The kids were so cute!! Here are some pics of the show...

After the show, Maddie posed with her good buddy, Sydney Williamson. Sydney and Maddie are in the same class. I remember when Ryan and Sarah were living in California and we wished for days together and for our kids to know each other. And now, they are big buds! It's so fun!
I went to watch one of the Gary Musick's casts do a run-through this afternoon. This cast is on Celebrity Cruise Line. They had GREAT energy and the shows seem to really be progressing nicely. I've said it before, but I'm just so encouraged by what I see that production company doing. Their professionalism is incredible and they have awesome hearts. What better combo?
I got to spend a little time with John York this afternoon. He is covering for Tim while Tim is in Greece the next 3 Sundays. John and I go way back and I am looking forward to hearing him.
I also spent some time working on some of the charts for the Easter concert and working on some of my parts that I need to get more comfortable with. I hope those of you in driving distance will come join us that Sunday night April 8th. It's going to be a lot of fun!
Tonight...well, tonight I am reverting back to a 7th grader. I am going to a concert at the Nashville Arena. I'll tell you more later. CRAZY!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last night our rehearsal ROCKED! I am so pumped! We have around 40 people singing and it sounds incredible. I love that we have some brand new folks too.

This morning on the way to Ella's program, Maddie and Ella were in the back seat and Ella was talking 90 miles an hour. She was so excited! She saw the Bradford Pear trees all with white blooms along the side of Old Hickory Blvd and exclaimed, "POPCORN TREEEES!!!!"

Then Ella and Maddie got in a discussion over whether God wears glasses. It was quite entertaining to hear. Ella finally decided that God could NOT shop at Target for glasses because He's so big that He would crush the store. "And that would NOT be good!"

The program this morning was all about Noah and each class had a different part to play. Ella's class sang about rain. It was so cute!

Here's Ella singing with her class..."You are God!"

The finale was with all the boys and girls who are Tuesday/Thursday students.

I love that our kids get to go to Otter Creek pre-school. It is such a special place! This morning was really fun.
Remember God's goodness today. He's all around us!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

thanks to my Samson brother, Richard Roberts, for passing this on. This discipline has really helped me. I hope this is encouraging for you today...

Lectio Divina: Ancient Practice Yields Fresh Messages
Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Tony Jones' new book, Divine Intervention: Encountering God through the Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina, (Think Books, 2006).

If you're looking for a fresh message from God's Word, you may discover it through an old practice: lectio divina ("sacred reading"). This ancient way of approaching Scripture can be a powerful way for you to tap into what God wants to tell you today.
Here's how you can use the ancient practice of lectio divina to discover new messages from God:

* Expect the Bible to change your life. Recognize that the Bible does much more than other materials you read. Know that it doesn't just inform and entertain; it also has the power to transform you from the inside out. Know that the Bible is unique among books because its words are living and active. Expect God to use the Bible to change your life in exciting ways.

* Understand that the same passage of Scripture has many layers of meaning. Realize that there's always more you can learn from any single passage of Scripture. Know that Scripture has literal, spiritual, allegorical, moral, and analogical meanings that can speak to you personally as the Holy Spirit guides you while you read.

* Know that praying Scripture is a powerful way of conversing with God. Invite God to lead you to what He truly wants to say to you by using His inspired words in Scripture. Understand that, if you read the Bible prayerfully, its timeless truths will reveal God's timely messages to you in whatever situation you currently find yourself.

* Recognize the importance of listening. Understand the key to hearing from God is listening well. Learn how to be truly quiet. Practice eliminating distractions and unnecessary noise from your life. Expect God to speak to you if you make time to pay attention to His voice.

* Read ("lectio"). Set aside time dedicated to lectio divina: 10 minutes for reading, 5 minutes for meditation, 10 minutes for prayer, and 5 minutes for contemplation. Schedule it for the time of day or night that works best for you. Designate a quiet place to use. Make sure you're not too hungry or tired, so you won't be too distracted. Choose a just a few verses of Scripture to use for devotional reading; remember that you want a small taste of Scripture to savor for an extended period of time. Experiment with passages of from different parts of the Bible, and ones that are both familiar and unfamiliar to you. If you're having trouble choosing passages, consider using a lectionary (a list of Scripture passages that follows the church calendar), and using the assigned reading for the current date. Read your chosen passage slowly, over and over, to let it sink in. Read both silently and out loud. Focus only on the words themselves, without trying to figure out what they mean. Simply absorb the passage. If your mind wanders, just gently return to your reading and continue. Relax and receive the passage as a gift from God to you

* Meditate ("meditatio"). Keep the Scripture passage at the front of your mind and ponder it. Consider which word or phrase stands out above the others to you. Once a certain word or phrase rises to the top of your thoughts, focus just on that and let the rest of the passage fall away. Then ask yourself what the word or phrase is causing you to feel and think. Consider what you see when you shine a light on the word or phrase in your mind's eye. Don't rush the meditation process; stick with it for the full amount of allotted time rather than hurrying into prayer. Give God time to say all He wants to say to your heart through the word or phrase.

* Pray ("oratio"). Ask God why He gave you the particular word or phrase you focused on today, and why you felt or thought what you did when you meditated on it. Invite God to show you what He wants you to do with what He has given you during this devotional time. Be persistent as you pray, seeking to know how you should apply this experience to your life. Listen carefully and patiently for God's response, trusting that He will reward your faithfulness with answers.

* Contemplate ("contemplatio"). Rest in the love God gave you to experience during this devotional time. Imagine that you're ascending a ladder into heaven and letting the concerns of this world fall away. Thank God for the gift of the fresh message He has just given you through His Word. Write down your thoughts about this experience in a journal.

* Make it a habit. Don't worry if you get distracted in the middle of lectio divina, or if you can't get to it every day as hoped. Just do your best to practice it as well as you can, whenever you can. Make it a regular part of your schedule. Look forward with eagerness to the new messages God will give you through His Word in the future.

Adapted from Divine Intervention: Encountering God through the Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina, copyright 2006 by Tony Jones. Published by Think Books, a division of NavPress, Colorado Springs, Co.,
Tony Jones is a nationally recognized leader and published author in youth ministry and the emerging church movement. He serves on the National Working Group of the Faith as a Way of Life Project at Yale and is an active police chaplain in Edina, Minnesota. His primary interests lie in the intersection of faith with contemporary issues, practical theology, and the emerging church. Tony and his wife, Julie, live in Minnesota with their three children-- Tanner, Lily, and Aidan-- and a 90-pound yellow Labrador Retriever.

Our Celebration worship experience Sunday night was awesome! The college Sanctuary band did an incredible job. My buddy, Mark Butler, runs sound for them. Mark was just a little kid when we first came to Otter. He's now a big college guy. How does that happen???

Tay and Shapiro and the rest of Sanctuary really brought us into a powerful time of worship. It was nice to be able to just be there and participate. At one point I looked over at Sam and he had his head back singing at the top of his lungs. SO CUTE!

The fence is back up! Hallelujah! Now all we have to do is stain it. Anyone out there ever use a sprayer for such a thing? Someone told us that it's possible. It we can, we figure that's the way to go!
American Idol 12! YEA!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friday, as she is known to do, Sheryl got a wild hair. She decided to take our fence matters into her own hands. For some dumb reason, the people who built this house built a 10 foot fence around the back yard. The problem is, a ten foot fence is top-heavy. So, our fence bowed and leaned and looked awful. I kept saying, "We can't afford to fix it this month." Sheryl decided to take matters into her own hands.

On Friday as I drove home she said, "Would you like to know what I did today?" Those words always cause me to sit up and take a deep breath. Usually, it means project time. I got home to find 15 sections of our fence down and ready to be "fixed". She was a major machine!! So, guess what we did most of Saturday? I'm talkin' power tools, circular saws, hammers, nails...just call me "Handy Mannny". Big thanks to Sheryl for tackling this project and for Kevin for coming over and putting in some really hard work! We're saving a lot of money thanks to them!

Note to self...when taking apart your fence...all your neighbors can see your back yard. I need to do some yard work back there. I mean, seriously. Did I mention how much Sheryl worked before I even got home?? She is amazing.

I had to take a break at 2pm to take the girls to a matinee of "High School Musical" at Brentwood High School. BHS always does great shows. "High School Musical" was AWESOME! The girls loved it!

The students did a great job with their roles and the singing was really great! The girl lead definitely has a music career ahead of her.

There were several Otter Creek kids in the production. Maddie and Ella were especially excited to see them perform.

Julie Crothers is the daughter of one of our children's ministers, Janet Crothers. She played a cheerleader/dancer and did a great job!

Matthew Dodson was in the ensemble and did a great job too! I cannot believe how big these kids are now. I am feeling OLD, but it was really fun!
This morning we spent time in Romans 9-11. It was a great day. I met a guy before church who is in town rehearsing with a cruise ship cast. We ended up having a great discussion. Ironically, he's working for my friend, Gary Musick. It truly is a small world.
Tonight was Celebration with the college "Sanctuary" band. It was awesome! More on that tomorrow. I'm too sore to type anymore.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I had such an encouraging breakfast with David Hampton from Christ Community Church. David has been the worship minister there for a long time. We’ve done a couple of his songs with ZOE. He’s also a part of my Monday night experience each week. This morning was a huge blessing. I’m grateful for that relationship and mentoring.

We’re working through Romans on Sundays at Otter Creek. Tim leaves for Greece next week so John York will be preaching for three weeks in his place. I’ve known john for a very long time. We met yesterday to work through some of the next 3-4 weeks. I secretly wish I could be in Greece with Tim hearing all the cool stories and seeing those amazing places that I’ve only imagined.

It was fun visiting with John. He travels with ZOE and we’ve gotten to see a lot of each other over the last several years. I am looking forward to teaming with him this month. Besides being an awesome preacher, he’s been a great friend.

Romans 9-11. Read it lately in a chunk? It belongs in the greater context of the entire message of Romans, but even then it’s troubling. I confess, it’s a section that has caused a lot of prayer and searching for me over the years.

Anyone want to weigh in on Romans 9-11?

PS: American Idol...SO glad Antonella Barba is moving on. Can’t believe that Sundance got kicked off and Sanjaya didn’t. My favorites right now are Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones, and Gina Glocksen.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One thing Leonard Sweet talked about last weekend that has stuck with me has to do with the "Perfect Storm". He compared that concept to where we are in today’s post-modern (or whatever term you want to use) culture. He asked the question, "Where is the most dangerous place to be in a storm?" The answer is, hugging the dock. As we saw in Katrina, those ships were destroyed, and may I point out, also created devastation of their own.

No, ironically, the safest place to be in a storm is actually IN the storm--riding it out. Our church families have GOT to quit hugging shore. We need to be willing to risk, willing to do something radical for Jesus. I see lots of people at Otter Creek taking risks for Jesus and it fuels me! I need more of that in my own life.

Another thing Sweet suggested is that we do way too much whining. He compared our trials (mainly from a church perspective) to the weather. Who can change the weather? It is what it is! He suggested that instead of complaining to God...we should dive in, ride the waves, hands in the air and when arriving on land exclaim, "Wow, God! What a ride!" I appreciated the sentiment. It has really stuck with me.

I like the idea of risk taking. It’s been something that has always plagued me personally and hasn't always worked out so well. Maybe it’s because I’m designed to do that for the Kingdom of God but have been conditioned over time to be more afraid of that than I should.

Take a risk today. Who’s with me?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Last night we finally got to celebrate Mom's birthday! We took her to the new Hibatchi Grill near our house and we had awesome sushi and chicken.

Afterwards we went home for Sheryl's homemade birthday cake (YUM!) and presents!

Today has been a full day. I wish I had time to blog about it all. One thing I LOVE about ministry is walking with people through various phases of life. It's exhausting, but so, SO worth it. When we walk together, we're all changed!
Tonight we have Easter rehearsal again. 4.5 weeks and counting til Easter Sunday! YAY! Hopefully everyone has listened to their CDs and looked over their music (hint, hint). Have a great Wednesday night, blog land.

Ahhhhh, the joys of being back home!! Yesterday was so beautiful in Nashville! I am so thankful for my "family day" especially after being gone for 4 days and not getting to love on my kids.

We allow our girls to collect check marks for chores (and eventually Sam will). When they get enough checks we take them to the dollar tree and let them pick out anything they want (usually no more than $2). I know, we're cheap...but they don't care or know the difference.

Yesterday Ella picked out a bug collector kit! It's so cute! It has a strap so she can wear it around her neck, tongs, and a bug net to help her catch them--see below

We spent almost the entire day outside looking for bugs. I kept thinking to myself, these are sweet days. I'll be remembering this for a long time...keep getting dirty, stay with it as long as she wants to. Finally, she got Sam into the action after he woke up from napping. He's turning into such a little boy (leaving that baby stage).

Ella stayed with the bug collecting even into the late afternoon. She collected MANY worms and as she picked them up with her tongs she would say, "Here you go, Mister Worm, you're going to LOVE your new family!"

Meanwhile, I tried to get Maddie to come hunt for worms and she wouldn't hear of it. She actually said, "I can't, Daddy. I'm too busy building the set." When I asked her what it was she meant she replied, "I'm doing a show in a little while. You can come if you want." The picture below is of her set. Complete with tape (in case something went wrong). I am pretty sure that I am the biggest picture taking dork ever.

She included something for everyone...a little hula-hooping, some jump rope action, reading aloud from her Children's Bible, singing, and a magic trick (seen below)
It was such a fun day of family. Sheryl and I are so blessed. We had so much fun being with our ZOE family and then got to come home and enjoy our own family. Our kids are growing and changing so quickly. I am trying to relish every moment...and even at that, it's lightening fast. This morning I got to sit in the back seat with Ella as they all took me to work. (my car...bless. That's all I can say about that.) She held my hand most of the way.
I do not deserve all the gifts God has showered on me...and I am fully aware. That's why I want to continue to glorify what He's doing. I consider these 4 other people in my house gifts of His mercy. I can never repay Him, but I can sure enjoy the gifts!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

We are back in Nashville tonight feeling so blessed by what we just experienced. The weekend could not have gone better. The folks at Monterey completely knocked it out of the park. I think it's safe to say that we were all overwhelmed with their level of preparation, hospitality, and heart. It was an amazing weekend from beginning to end. AND...I went into the weekend completely locked up in my back. One of my old Gamma Sig buddies, Jon Blackwell, showed up from Amarillo. He's a Chiropractor!! Thank you, Jon!!!!
Here's a summary of the weekend in pictures...

A host of friendly faces waited for all the conference registrants to come through the doors

Monterey's new building was so warm and inviting...the perfect place for the conference!

Friday night kicked off with a full house and hearts ready to worship!

Rich Smith and I taught the Worship Minister's track on Saturday. (Stephen's group joined us later)

Jeff Walling performed his AMAZING one man show of Matthew. Hilarious and touching!

Jeff Walling, Sheryl and me at dinner. The wonderful cooks at Monterey kept us fed in the Green Room with delicious food all weekend. They were absolutely wonderful people.

My friend Janice and I grew up together. Our moms were childhood friends and in each others' weddings. Our families used to go to New Braunfels every summer together. It was really fun catching up with Janice and her husband, Kelly.

Don Heyen and Brent McCall were good friends of mine at ACU. Brent was my roommate for 2 years and we were all in Gamma Sigs together. I loved catching up with them!

The ZOE guys enjoy some TACO BUENO!!! Ahhhhhh, West Texas!! I have days of craving Bueno...a little Bueno Chilada platter and a strawberry Fanta!

ZOE--Peter, Brian, Lea, me, Amy, Melissa, Sheryl, David, Philip (Doyle Corder joined us after Pete had to take off early. Awesome job, Doyle!)

The real ZOE girls! Amy, Lea, Melissa and Sheryl (a.k.a. Ahhhmeee, Shmee, Melizzard, and Scaryl)

This precious woman came from Florida to the conference. Before she could even attend, she broke her hip. We got to go to the hospital Saturday night after the last session and sing over her. She said it blessed her, but the truth is, it really blessed us more to be with her.

Eric and Vicki pack up all the ZOE product getting ready to leave.

Brian and I are on the bus headed for the airport. It was a great weekend and we are leaving all feeling renewed ourselves.
Much thanks to everyone in Lubbock and at the Monterey Church. Warren, Barry, Denise, Eric, and so many others gave of their time and hearts to make this one of our favorite ZOE conferences ever! Thank you!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

When is the last time you barfed on an airplane? Me? Well let's see...approximately 45 minutes ago. Nice.

It's been a day of travel mishaps. Our flight left late and so I missed my connection in Dallas. The flights were all overbooked and had lots of stand-by passengers already. I begged with the very nice AA gate agent. I used my best "feel sorry for me" eyes and told her where I was going and why. She clicked around on her computer (that always cracks me gate agents have to take a speed typing course??) and found someone who was going to miss her connection. She bumped me up with a confirmed seat. Hallelujah! I didn't even have to threaten to barf on anyone!

Next stop...LUBBOCK!

PS: After writing this, things got weirder. For one, I left my laptop bag sitting on the jet bridge and had to run off the plane to rescue it just as security was about to do a bomb check. Perfect. THEN, we were all sitting on the plane waiting and waiting until the flight attendant came on and said, "We're sorry for the delay, Ladies and Gentlemen, but we have not been able to locate the pilot." Um...excuse me? Yeah--so they waited some more and after several more updates stating that he was still MIA, he finally showed up. I mean, what a bizarre day! The good news is, I'm writing this from my hotel room in LUBBOCK!! Yea!