Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...time for thankfulness and embarking on a season of giving. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Tuesday we went to Sam's Thanksgiving program at the Otter Creek School. His Kindergarten class did the program and songs that the OC Kindergarten has been doing for years. It is a special day for all those affiliated with that school. Sam rocked it as an Indian brave!

Otter Creek Kindergarten

Sam is on the back row in the middle
Love this..."It's a FREE 'lay-und' and beautiful 'lay-und..."

Sam with Mommy and me

Ms. Melissa (Sam's teacher) complete with her Native American braids

Wednesday night we embarked on our family tradition with the Williamsons since the early 90's. Byron and Beth are like another set of parents for Sheryl and me and have been for many years. We love them so much!
Byron and Beth Williamson with Sheryl and me

Sarah and Jack Williamson

this is "Sister". (aka: Shelly Williamson Church)

All the "siblings" L-R: Sheryl, Ryan Williamson, me, Sarah Williamson, Shelly Williamson Church and Adrian Church. We love all of them!
On Thanksgiving Day we went to the Penna's (Kiki's house) They have an awesome trail out back where we rode scooters all day long. You can really get to going very fast!

my kids with Canaan Gonzalez and Brayton Boyd (cousins)

Sam and I had a blast on his scooter!

We caught the whole Thomas clan scooting down the hill...each one comes by to say hello

Brayton Boyd, Nikki Turner and me (sweet cousins)

Sheryl and I pose with Kiki and Kevin...we can never figure out what they are...although cousins, they feel much more like brother and sister. They hosted our family celebration this year.

Kiki and Kevin came up with a one word description to describe each of the was very thoughtful and encouraging.

Kevin (my kids call him "Uncle Biggie") slaves in the kitchen

post dinner laughs

Cousins! Kevin and Kiki Penna, Sheryl and me, Chris and Gail Gonzalez, and Matt and Julie Boyd

Cousins! Ella, Nikki Turner, Sam, Joel Boyd, Brayton Boyd, Lexi Boyd, Canaan Gonzalez, Sierra Gonzalez, Maddie and Gracie Penna (missing Liam Penna who was napping!)

My mom, and Sheryl's parents--Ernestine and Bob Rathbun

Bob and Ernestine

Those crazy Boyds

Gracie and Liam posed in their new Christmas pj's

For some DUMB reason we decided to brave the crowds for the 10pm "door buster" sale at Toys R Us. HORRIBLE idea! We waited outside for over an hour in the freezing rain and then once we got in, it was a mad house. I waited in the check out line for about an hour.. No year, I am totally back to Black Monday Internet shopping!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We love you all!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Colors of the Season' Opening Night

The cast of "Colors of the Season" opened with great success. Kudos to Curt Wallen (Gary Musick Productions Producer) and all the gang. We had a great time in Louisville and left the cast in great hands.

Besides the show, the other new attraction for the holidays at the Galt House is called "KaLightoscope". These creations are HUGE and amazing! The whole thing is SO cool---here are some pictures of it...

The KaLightoscope feature is really amazing!

We were up and ready to go at 6am for the cast to make an appearance on the FOX Morning Show. Pictured here with me--Bradley Whitfield, Jessica Heim, and Harvey Hubert

The cast getting ready for the live taping

Live appearance on FOX Morning Show

The Galt House in Louisville, KY where the cast will be performing and living until Christmas Day

Two of our ship performers came for opening night to support the cast--Dustin and Courtney Cunningham

The cast singing "White Christmas" in the sleigh

O Holy Night

O Holy Night

Our friend Claire who dances in the show has also been a choreographer for Gary Musick Productions. Her husband Rodney has also worked for us many times as a singer. This is their handsome son, Jack. He was loving watching his mommy dance beautifully!

After the show, Curt treated us to an opening night party. The girls pose here with Bruce Stegman--our head choreographer.  Pictured here with him: Jesmille Darbouze, Jessica Heim, Jamie Godfrey, and Claire Williams

Kirk Hunkler and me

Bradley Whitfield, Harvey Hubert and me

Jamie Godfrey and me

The cast-- Jesmille Darbouze, Kirk Hunkler, Jamie Godfrey, Harvey Hubert, Jessica Heim, Bradley Whitfield, Jonathan Cullipher and Claire Williams

The cast with Gary Musick, Curt Wallen and me

Here are some clips from the show...

White Christmas

Home For The Holidays

This Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Christmas Dream

Mary Did You Know

Here's to a wonderful Christmas season and run of the show. We're all proud of you guys! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Colors of the Season" Preview

Last night the cast of "Colors of the Season" did a preview for media and VIPs at the Galt House in Louisville. They did a fantastic job and were well received by the crowd. Tomorrow night is opening night! We're all proud of them and celebrating their success with Curt Wallen (fellow Gary Musick Productions Producer).

Here are a couple of pics and video clips from the preview. (it was a little different tonight since the crowd wasn't seated, but the cast did a great job and rolled with it)

cast backstage before the preview

Claire, me, Jamie, and Curt Wallen--Producer of the show

Jesmille, Kirk and Harvey

Jonathan taking a break...hilarious

Santa and me

O Holy Night


Cast and Producers out to eat after the show (minus Curt, Jesmille, and Claire)

This is hilarious. They have printed materials all over the that we found was taken from the commercial we did. Check out the goof ball on the right. The one with the lamppost sticking out of his head.
Bradley rocks "Mary Did You Know" at the preview--even in the chaos of the crowd.

O Holy Night--for Media and Vip preview