Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chemo Duck Goes Country

Last Tuesday night I helped produce a benefit for Lu Sipos's organization called "Gabe's My Heart". The event was called "Chemo Duck Goes Country" and it was a huge success. Gabe Sipos (8 yrs old and a cancer survivor) was the inspiration for this organization. He is in a movie coming out in January with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw called "Country Strong". Red Carpet pictures with Gwyneth and Gabe taken this week in Nashville at the preview for the movie have now circulated all around the globe. Check out the press release that came out today by clicking HERE

Gwyneth Paltrow and Gabe
Celebrities gathered to raise money for Lu's organization and champion the fight against pediatric cancer. One of the best parts of the evening was getting to spend some time talking with Colin Raye. He is a pretty amazing guy. Very strong believer and encourager. I've always loved Colin but my love for his music was re-fueled Tuesday night. Incredible voice and gift...still!

Lu and Rob Sipos have quite a fire cracker on their hands. Gabe is Mr. Charm and worked the crowd like a pro. He is a great kid and a worthy opponent at thumb war. I didn't even let him win. :) I loved getting to know Gabe, Rob and Lu. They are one very special family. Kudos to everyone for a wonderful night...especially Brian Mayes.

Berger Building

Red Carpet Photo Wall

Chemo Ducks

THE BEST cupcakes in the world

Gabe Sipos and me

Gabe and me
Jessica and Brian Mayes with Charity Vance and date

Rachael Lampa, Adam Hall, Ty Soares-Hall, Brendan McCarthy

Gabe and Lu Sipos

Colin Raye and Lu Sipos

Colin Raye

Colin and me

Colin Raye

"If You Get There Before I Do"


Brian Mayes said...

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for your help with making the event so incredible...

On behalf of Chemo Duck, Collin Raye and Nashville Publicity Group, thank you.

The Berger is hands down the best event space in town.

Brian Mayes
Nashville Publicity Group

judy thomas said...

If you get of my favorie songs.