Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kids, Costumes and Candy (a lot of alliteration)

We had a great weekend! It started with a great date night to Arrington on Friday. What a beautiful place and perfect time of year! We sat on the porch near the fireplace and had great conversation with a beautiful view.


The kids and I are dressed and ready for all the festivities of the day




We began the night with the T.J. Martell Family Day at Belmont University. My co-worker, Bert Hensley, produced the event and it was a blast!

The Jonas Bros and the girls :)

Sheryl and the kids

The kids could not wait for the iCarly concert. She was great!

Maddie had her caricature drawn at the CMT booth


After the festival we went to Otter Creek's Trunk-or-Treat

Amy Westerman, Amanda and Paige Vickers and the Thomas family

Nonnie and the kids

Daniel and Mary Ann Green, Sheryl and me

Christine and Jake French--my favorite costume of the night (she's expecting)

After Trunk-or-Treat, we went out to Nolensville to trick-or-treat with the Gonzalez family and the Pennas. Maddie was so proud of herself in this picture for making a weird face. She is SO my child!

Ella's jack-o-lantern

Maddie's ferocious jack-o-lantern
Sam's jack-o-lantern--needs dentures.

Ella and Gracie Penna

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here are some updates in our lives and work stuff over the past couple of picture form, of course!

Good friends, Jeff and Angie Berryman visiting from Seattle. Jeff is one of my favorite actors/writers. He has influenced me greatly!

Pumpkin cookies

Putt-Putt...for the fun of it!

My friend Nathan celebrated his birthday. He's been a great friend to me.

Sheryl, Tracie and Scott Hamilton--Scott is well-known for being an Olympic skater. But, even more for being a great guy. Their son is in Sheryl's class this year. They are both wonderful people.

It's Fall! Time for some Sheryl Thomas Florals' creations!

Last Monday I produced a concert for Journey's shoe stores...Mayday Parade

Jonathan and Sean loading in the production gear.

The band guys sit around the board room table pretending to look official

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade

Autograph signing after the show

Meeting at the Country Music Hall of Fame for an upcoming event there next weekend

My buddies, Lana and Debbie opened up their third location for Copper Kettle. This one is in Columbia. Incredible building with historical detailing


This is a part of Copper Kettle called "Whiskey Alley"

My buddy Austin plays drums for "The Least of Your Worries". They are High school students hitting it big. (his mom, Debbie, is one of the owners of Copper Kettle)


Last weekend we spent time in Abilene, TX with the entire family. We were there as guests of the Southern Hills Church Family. Sheryl and I both sang on Sunday. It was fun to see old friends and be back in my old stomping grounds. The kids had a blast too getting to see the school named for my dad ("Poppie") and the house where I grew up.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend. Thank you to the family at Southern Hills for a wonderful weekend!

Maddie, Sam and Ella standing in front of the picture of their Poppie at Sam Thomas Elementary

My family in front of the school named for my dad
We stayed at the Elegante Suites...the kids had a blast in the pool!

Time with friends

David Gililland--one of my best buds

my parents old house--I grew up in this house

So great to see Stephen Jacobs!

Fish and I got some much needed catch up time. He's such a brother to me.