Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kids, Costumes and Candy (a lot of alliteration)

We had a great weekend! It started with a great date night to Arrington on Friday. What a beautiful place and perfect time of year! We sat on the porch near the fireplace and had great conversation with a beautiful view.


The kids and I are dressed and ready for all the festivities of the day




We began the night with the T.J. Martell Family Day at Belmont University. My co-worker, Bert Hensley, produced the event and it was a blast!

The Jonas Bros and the girls :)

Sheryl and the kids

The kids could not wait for the iCarly concert. She was great!

Maddie had her caricature drawn at the CMT booth


After the festival we went to Otter Creek's Trunk-or-Treat

Amy Westerman, Amanda and Paige Vickers and the Thomas family

Nonnie and the kids

Daniel and Mary Ann Green, Sheryl and me

Christine and Jake French--my favorite costume of the night (she's expecting)

After Trunk-or-Treat, we went out to Nolensville to trick-or-treat with the Gonzalez family and the Pennas. Maddie was so proud of herself in this picture for making a weird face. She is SO my child!

Ella's jack-o-lantern

Maddie's ferocious jack-o-lantern
Sam's jack-o-lantern--needs dentures.

Ella and Gracie Penna

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Sarah said...

*sigh* LOVE the cupcake, and precious Maddie from Paris, and ferocious Hulk! Awesome costumes! I really need Sheryl to develop a mean and nasty streak so that I can dislike her for the amazing creativity and talent she has!! Alas, I simply cannot work up a dislike for her. She's just too stinkin' nice. Lovin' the whole Thomas family!