Monday, April 21, 2008

Jonathan and Rachel Shaub!

Last week was difficult. We had to go through a cast change with the Majesty and it was just yucky. But-I know it happened for a purpose.

However, the weekend more than made up for it. The Shaub family brought us to Florida to participate in Jonathan's wedding. You may remember 3 years ago the hard core prayers offered on this blog and so many others for Jonathan's recovery after being hit by a large truck in NYC. It is a miracle that he lived...even more of a miracle that he walks now! And, with tears in our eyes, Sheryl and I watched him get married to beautiful Rachel and DANCE at his reception! That is a gift!!

Here are some pictures of our experience in Rosemary Beach. (Thanks also to Trina Gehl for helping with our kids! It was so great to see you, Trina!!)

the wedding site...prepared for the big day!

Jonathan escorting his mom, Sharon, down the aisle.

Jonathan and Rachel exchange vows

The Thomas family after the wedding

Maddie and Ella were SO excited to be there and were ready to dance!

Nicole Shaub and Maddie get the festivities started

Sheryl joins the fun!

Becky Foster danced with Sam

Jonathan and Rachel cut the cake (Sam had gone over after the wedding and helped himself to a finger tasting. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, friends!)

David Shaub and Ella cut a rug

Nicole and Sam

David and Maddie

Michael Ewing and Ella get down

WOW! Even Scott Owings let his hair down!

The next day, we got to have some family beach time before we drove home.

The kids call my father "Poppy"

Maddie and Ella would walk towards the freezing water bravely...

and then run screaming every time!

It was such a blast! Thanks to the Shaubs for allowing us to be a part of their very special weekend!


annie said...

I love beach weddings! Our son Patrick, & his wife Lauren, married at Destin Pointe beach back in Aug. '04. So much fun, & relaxing! Your kids are just so cute!

Looking forward to hearing Zoe sing at Pepperdine week after this one!

Phil said...

All completely great pics. Looks like you all had a great time.

btw, I like the mint green text on black, much better than white.

Stephen Bailey said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. It was great to see Jonathan looking so good. Seeing him on the dance floor was only topped by seeing Scott Owings cutting a rug! Glad you guys got away.

simonsays said...

How much do you love Rosemary?? We make an annual trip with the Breens, Borders, etc. every Memorial Day. I'm counting the days!!

Never seen a wedding there - it looked beautiful! Let's try and get together soon!! Come grill out?


Elizabeth S said...

There is a cute pic of Sam at the wedding on my friend's blog. It is I am so happy for Jonathan! The wedding looked beautiful.

Clarissa said...

I love that Sam couldn't wait for the cake. I also love David Shaub's shoes! He and Michael Ewing must've gone shopping together ...