Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gem and Infinity singers

Tonight Sheryl and I had some of the cast members from the NCL Gem and the Celebrity Infinity over for dinner and hang time. It was such a blast! The kids literally waited at the door for them to get here.

I continue to be struck at how amazing the performers are who work for us--talent and heart! What a combination!

My Infinity cast singers. L-R (me) Dustin, Courtney, Adam, Jennie, Jeremy

Courtney and Maddie--their hair is almost exactly the same color!

Jennie and Ella
Jenna (one of the singers from the NCL Spirit) with the kids

Come of the NCL Gem and Celebrity Infinity cast members.

Sam cracks me up in this picture!

Erika is a singer in the NCL GEM cast. Amazing talent with an amazing heart!
Ella loves Jeremy!

Kwame, Jenna and Joe were in the NCL Spirit cast that we replaced last month. Sheryl and I got to know them during the handover. Jenna came down to visit Kwame and Joe today (they are currently in rehearsals with us for the NCL Gem contract). It was so fun to get to spend some time with them!

What a blessing tonight was! We are praying for successful contracts for all of these friends. Moreover, we're praying that God will bless each one personally.


Chapman 6 said...

What a blessing and example you and Sheryl are to this group, taking and making every opportunity to show them the love of Christ. God just continues to work through you both in so many ways. Love ya both, Darcy

Elizabeth S said...

I love to watch God using you, but more specifically, I love how you and Sheryl have kind of turned this job into a "team effort" as fas as reaching out goes. It is easy to do that in full-time ministry, but I think it is awesome how you have carried it over to here as well. Tell Sheryl I said hi. Miss you guys!

Amy Jill said...

I realize you've been doing this new job thing for a while now, but congratulations! It's SO BST. We've been dreaming of a cruise, and every time I begin looking at them, I think of you and your fun job. I remember last time we cruised, I would sit in those shows dreaming of being that girl holding the mic and belting some serious Broadway. BTW, your kids are absolutely adorable, and Sheryl is stunning, as always. Give her a hug for me.:)

SG said...

So how does it feel to be the one sending them out instead of being the one sent out? I was talking to y old boss about training just seems so weird and yet so appropriately full circle. I am sure you are the best to work with. I too love how you a Sheryl are making it another team effort!