Monday, January 10, 2011

Bath Water into Wine

Yesterday morning we were on our way out to Forest Home for worship and we felt a tugging to go to Otter Creek. I had no idea why and we didn't know that Patrick was going to be preaching but once we arrived and realized he was the guest speaker that day, it all made sense! Patrick Mead is the father of our good friend Kara Graves (the wife of Otter Creek preaching minister Josh Graves--also a good friend). Patrick always tells it like it is with great humor and grace. I love to hear his Scottish accent and hilarious stories. Through his easy way of presenting the good news, he always adds some zingers and power punches. Yesterday I felt like he hit all my hot topics and soap box issues. I LOVED IT!!

One of the things that truly hit home with me was when Patrick talked about how Jesus came to bring Good News...and the law of Love! He said (paraphrased), "Jesus came to bring the law of Love and drag us out of the temple into this new way of Life! But because we're more comfortable with rules and regulations, we've been trying...for 2000 drag him right back in." In other words...we're way more comfortable with "religion" as WE define it and far less comfortable with the grace and freedom Christ brought and the SPIRIT-filled life!

I've seen this over the last few months in several places (including my own life). Churches  and church leaders caught in arguments over what they can or can't...or won't do. Arguing over instruments, arguing over women's role (don't even get me started's like someone trying to tell you the world is still flat), arguing over church names, arguing over whether communion will be served from the front or back...or at all. And arguments over who is to be called our brother or not called our brother. I cannot stand that stuff. I am telling you right now. Blech.

Patrick nails it. We have good news. GOOD NEWS! Hearing what he had to say made me want to stand and shout and throw my arms up in the air! The glory of God has been made KNOWN to us! To all of, woman,, white, brown, purple...everyone!

Please take about 15-20 minutes to listen to this. It will be one of the best parts of your day, I guarantee it.'ll leave that time with a big smile on your face!


Thank you, Patrick!! I love you!


Patrick Mead said...

Thank you, Brandon! Come up to Rochester where you can throw your arms up into the air and shout if you want to!

annie said...

THANK YOU for this, Brandon! Patrick is coming to PV in March (came last July, too) & I just can't wait! Loved the quote about us trying to "DRAG all the R&Rs back into the temple". I wanted to stand & SHOUT when he came in July---I will this time! :)