Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yesterday my buddy, Jen Lemen who writes a lot about emerging culture and faith, posted a great quote that I thought I would share with you.

"Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face." George Eliot

I have such a great relationship with my mom. I also enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my dad who has now been gone almost 13 years. There are many who don't. I am grateful for their desire to be intentional in their love and guidance.

My  mom wrote a cool blog yesterday reflecting on my growing up years and all the friends who came in and out of our house. While I may not have had any blood siblings, I had a lot of friends who stuck closer than brothers. I am blessed!

This month at Retreat to the Creek we are talking about family. Tonight we will be in Ephesians considering Paul's admonition to honor our parents, husbands, and wives. We'll have some cool stations set up to help people think through this and even write out a prayer honoring their mate or parent.

My mother is a Spirit-filled woman of God. She is a gifted speaker, pray-er, and minister...not to mention an amazing cook! She loves to read God's Word. She loves to love on people. She gives beyond her means. She loves music. She is incredibly affirming. She treasures her family.

My father was a man with a heart larger than he could handle. He loved people--sometimes to a fault. He mentored people. He had compassion. He was fair. He loved me and gave a lot of his time for me. He was a gifted teacher, administrator, artist, storyteller, and Elder. He loved music. He was an amazing affirming presence in my life. He treasured his family.

My wife is a woman whose beauty outside is only surpassed by her inner beauty. She is a compassionate woman of God. She is attentive to the Holy Spirit. She is forgiving and loving. She loves truth. She is a gifted artist, singer, worship leader, mother, seamstress, cook...the list goes on and on. She loves me. She loves our kids. She is protective and cautious in all the best ways. She is spontaneous and extravagant in all the best ways. She treasures her family.

If you have a moment, leave a comment here and honor your mother, father, or spouse.


Dwiggy444 said...

My wife is tough as nails. And I mean that as a compliment! She cares for our wild, energetic children every day and has to endure all of my idiosyncracies and yet she can also find the strength to love us. If that's not toughness, I don't know what is. My wife is also tender, playful and practical, and she knows exactly when to use these traits. She is the perfect compliment to me - truly a gift from God.

Chris said...

My husband is awesome! I am truly blessed with a man who supports me and my various ministry endeavors. He's a hard worker, adores his children, treasures me, serves his family, and best of all - is an awesome cook! It's such a load off my mind to know my husband is taking care of the boys and to come home from work to dinner on the table...heavenly! ;)

Donny said...

My wife is without a doubt the best ever! She is my best friend and without her I'd be a big ol' pile of mess. She is always challenging me with my relationship with Christ. She is a great example to me and my boys as someone who loves God's word. Love ya kiddo!!

SkipD said...

Brandon- I wrote about my wife in my blog this morning! Here is what I wrote:

Last night, after an unusually long and hard day at the office, I came home to a wonderful evening of quiet intimacy with my wife. We sat together on our back deck overlooking the woods by candlelight and listening to the chorus of tree frogs, crickets and owls. I love the fact that we can sit together in silence and just enjoy being in each other's presence. It's a special kind of closeness when you can have intimacy without talking or even touching. When it's enough to just be in each other's presence.

Thank you Father for giving me a mate who understands me and believes in me the way Deanie does. Thank you for quiet nights of closeness. Thank you for midnight serenades by your creation. Amen
Thanks for letting me share- SD

Ron Barbee said...

My wife is my best friend... I wouldn't be able to function normally in this world without her. She is the best singer I know. She honors me with the things she does and says. Did I mention that she was my best friend ;-) She is also a great cook. We love playing together, whether it be a movie, night out, just sitting together at home, going out with friends, worship team (yes... that is a fun environment too!). I guess we just long to be together.

judy thomas said...

Thank you Babe for the wonderful comments--obviously we reared you right! There has never been a more rewarding thing in my life than being your mother and living to see you turn out to be the charismatic, gifted Christ-loving people-person you are. I wish Dad had lived to see it--but then again, I believe he is watching. Love, Mom

Matt Elliott said...

Lela & I will celebrate our 18th anniversary this coming Monday. I plan to dedicate a blog post to her on that day! Thanks for the inspiration to do so.