Monday, July 12, 2004

We had a great morning yesterday. Tim spoke about the beatitudes in relationships. It was a really powerful message.

Last night we had Life Group at Paul and Jill's. Everyone helped them clean and get ready to move. It's so hard to organize and get ready to sell your house with two small children running around. We ended up with 5 children running around so Christy McInturff and I took them across the street to the park. It made me feel like any poetry about summer should be banned. I felt like I was in a microwave oven in Houston, TX. Miserable! The kids felt it too. They were way more interested in the water fountain than anything else at the park.

This morning Ella woke up with a fever and as I held her on the couch she vomited all over me. Now, I should explain that there are funny stories about me even hearing or smelling the "v" word that cause an immediate adverse reaction in my own body. While even typing this is causing my gag reflex to come to life, I managed to hold it together this morning. There was something about just needing to take care of her that caused me to forget my own hurling tendencies, at least for a moment. Bless.

This week will be spent preparing for St. Louis and for our huge outdoor family picnic at OC this Wednesday night. We'll have a lot of hamburgers and hotdogs and jumpy things and maybe even snow cones! If you're in Nashville, come join us at 6pm this Wednesday.

Have a great Monday!


SkipD said...

Last night our house church prayed for you and the Zoe Group--individually by name, as well as the St. Louis Conference in general. I'm so excited to FINALLY get my friends there! We've been trying to get them to Nashville for 5 years... so I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing them to St. Louis. Looking forward to a wonderful time of praise and renewal... and seeing you and Sheryl!

CL said...


Finally someone who identifies with the fact that bodily items (even from your own children) are hard to handle. My daughter is now seven months old and at first it was so easy to change her, as I call them, "tootie" diapers. But as time has passed and things have advanced and matured (including her "tooties") I cannot change her stinky diaper without going into convulsions of my own. I feel your pain brother, press on!

chrismith said...


Wondered if there was a place to look at a ZOE tour schedule. Been enjoying your blogs and comments on Mike's. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment.

Hi to Sheryl. And (when you see him) hi to J Mac as well.

Chris Smith

wstaple said...


I told Susie last night about Ella's "gift" to you from Monday morning. She reminded me that when Meg was little (prepare your gag reflex) I got hit in the mouth with the same thing. Now, this was IN the mouth; not near it, not around it, not in the general area - just wanted to make sure you understood the word IN. I must have successfully repressed that moment until she reminded me about it. I still don't handle that stuff too well.....

Brandon Scott said...

I, uh...(rumpphh burrp) am completely disgusted.