Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hot, sticky days with thick humidity;
Cold, sticky, little hands with ice cream dripping down from finger to wrist;

The smell of sweaty little kids who desperately need a bath before Sunday;
The smell of alcohol laden sunscreen that springs forth memories of my own youth;

The taste of pina-colada flavored smoothies, homemade orange-pineapple ice cream;
The smell of grilled veggies, perfectly cooked steaks, and strawberry-kiwi lemonade;

The feel of cold pool water hitting you as you enter for the first time;
The surprise of water splashed in your face by cute little girls who can't help but giggle;

Time for love, time for vacation, time for fun, time for family;

The fresh sting of sun-kissed skin;
The fresh feel of a pressed white linen shirt;

An early sunrise, a late sunset;

Summer. Ahhhhhhh, summer!!


julie said...

Brandon, I love your poetry....gave me a small glimpse of what summer is like for you. grace to you, Julie

Clarissa said...

Beautiful, Brandon. Who knew?

Greg Taylor said...

Pina-coladas, alcohol in sunscreen? I never knew sunscreen had alcohol in it? Enjoyed your poetry. I do like those summer smells