Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Before I even get to the game last night, let me preface by telling you that my mom bought this for our kids for Maddie's birthday (coming up in a couple of weeks). It's a trampoline. It's a HUGE trampoline. It didn't look that big on the box. It was the smaller one too. Heaven help us!

The kids absolutely LOVE it. And...if I am being honest, I'd have to say I love it too! I jumped with them last night until I was dripping with sweat. Sam even loves it! He was laughing so hard!

All that to say, the trampoline came in handy later in the night when I found myself pacing, stressed out, wanting to panic-eat everything in sight, and yelling at the Mavericks through the TV set. I knew it was time for a, about 10pm I went outside and jumped...and jumped...and jumped. Then I just sat on the trampoline and kicked back and watched the stars for a few minutes. nice!

What a game. Oh my goodness. I just knew we were going into overtime there at the end. No such luck. Poor ol' Mavs. It was a great game. They just couldn't pull it off.

Now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Ok--so yesterday (see below) I posted a picture of Sierra reading to the girls. The book is called Super Duper Sundae Sleepover. My buddy Stuart at Waterbrook Press has offered all the readers of this blog a special summer reading deal. The first blog reader who can answer a couple of trivia questions about that book will get a special treat. Stuart will send the winner a special book package. Good luck, everyone!

1. What's special about this sleepover?
2. Who's having the sleepover?
3. The main character in the story is named Seedling. What's his older brother's name? (there's a series of books based on him too)


Jacinda said...

#1~He was worried about the sleepover but he & his parents asked God to take care of him. They made sundaes & built forts.

#2~Grandma is having the sleepover.

#3~Sprout is his brother.

Is this right?

Brandon Scott said...

Almost! We'll have to name you winner for sure because you're so close...but question number 1 needs clarifying. What's so special about this particular sleepover. There's special significance. :)

Jacinda said...

Well, I have to be honest that I haven't read the book and got my information from Is that cheating???

I'm not sure I can clarify #1 any more, except to say something about the story teaching kids about God answering their prayers???

Brandon Scott said...

ooooooh! OK, let's see if anyone out there knows the answer without looking at Amazon! :) If not, then you're the winner, my Georgia friend!

Jacinda said...

okay, okay, okay.....

At least I was honest! :-)

Here's to hoping noone else gets the right answer so I can win something! Those books look cute!

~your South Carolina (not Georgia anymore) friend

Karen said...

All's I know is that he was going to Grandma's house for a sleepover. I'm guessing it was his first time??

Brandon Scott said...

If we can find anyone who's read and knows...then we're golden. If not, Jacinda is the winner!

Beaner said...

Ok - is this Stuart McG? If so, then my newer blogger friend Angie knows him & I've won a book from him on HER sight! Small world made smaller thanks to Blogger! Sounds like a cute book too!

Brandon Scott said...

the one and only!

Phil said...

I think we all know the real reason the Mavs lost.


Brandon Scott said...

ok---I'll give it til midnight tonight and if no one comes up who's read the book then Jacinda wins.

On another note...I had the most randomly hilarious experience at my favorite bookstore today. I'll ahve to share some tomorrow.