Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I just came from an Operation Andrew meeting. ZOE and the group from Temple Church are going to be leading a city wide pre-Thanksgiving worship service at the Ryman downtown (the old home of The Grand Ol' Opry) on November 20th. If you're near Nashville, come join us! It will be really fun to sing in the Ryman!

Trunk or Treat was a blast! Oh my goodness. I couldn't believe the amount of people and the amount of effort! It was fun having all the Lindsley Avenue Daycare kids there. They were adorable. Maddie and Ella were so excited and Sam was just along for the ride as usual.

Sheryl was the most apropos character of all... Mrs. Incredible. And, she whipped up the costume in about 20 minutes on Saturday night. She truly is Mrs. Incredible. I really wanted to go as Mr. Incredible, but Maddie would not hear of it. And...there's the whole red tights issue.

We ended up having more pictures of Maddie because Ella was still not quite awake from her nap and refused to be in any pictures. I was partners with Maddie and wore my tux (back from the cruise ship days) and carried a satin pillow with a little "glass slipper" on it.

My mom bought a great orange hat and decorated the trunk of her car with pumpkins. She was a hit with the kids.

Maddie found Audra and was so impressed by her Dorothy dress. They enjoyed playing and eating together.

Here's a picture of the entire family. Maddie and Ella had a hard time posing at this point--too much to see and do! Sam was somewhere being strolled by Aunt Kiki.

There were so many cars, we couldn't make it to all of them. People really went all out and decorated! The Lindsley Ave. Daycare kids seemed to really get into it too. Here are our girls with Cindy Waddell and Laurie Netterville.

Logan Innis was a beautiful Fall Fairy. Maddie loved her wings! The youth group really dressed up and the kids all loved it!

Keith looked GREAT! His son, Jamie is Ella's buddy. Maddie would have nothing to do with Capt. Hook.

This little boy is Jamie Thompson. He's Ella's best buddy. They are really something together. He went as Peter Pan (His father is Capt. Hook!)

Here are the kids at the end of trunk-or treat. They were cold and ready to go home but happily exhausted! Sam went as a little cowboy!

By the time Halloween night actually got here, the girls were done with the hair and tiger make-up fluff. They just wanted candy. (I had already recycled 95% of their candy from trunk or treat. It was disgusting. Enough sugar to rot out the teeth of middle Tennessee...wait, most don't have their teeth anyway so scratch that.)

Here's Sam during trick-or-treating. He has his pirate ship suit on. Maddie called him Captain Hook!

That's all for today. Happy Tuesday, blogland. Continued prayers go up for the families affected by the horrific tragedy in Waco at First Baptist Church.


Justin said...

"(I had already recycled 95% of their candy from trunk or treat. It was disgusting. Enough sugar to rot out the teeth of middle Tennessee...wait, most don't have their teeth anyway so scratch that.)"

All I have to say is wow Brandon. I have a feeling you're gonna get some interesting comments about that line.

Course, I'm not offended, being from West Tennessee, Memphis in particular, we have all of our teeth... well, we have lots of fancy gold grills... I'm not sure if that counts.

Justin said...

for those not familiar with the lingo,

grills = memphis for teeth

Brandon Scott said...

looks like you've taken care of getting the interesting comments rolling all by yourself.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Kelly and I aren't real big into the Halloween thing, but Tori was so into the idea...during school (homeschool), Kelly is "teacher" and not "Mommy". Last week, our little 1st Grader kept nagging: "Excuse me, teacher, can we please color something like pumpkins or ghosts or something just a little scary...my parents don't let me do that at home...they don't like Halloween...I think my Dad is scared of ghosts or something." ! ! ! HA!! And around our home, every day is a day of new costumes (for Tori that is...I agree with your decision against the red tights...we've just got to hold ourselves up as respectable role models in this world). We check in regularly and enjoy keeping up with your fun family.

Hoots Musings said...

Your family is gorgeous.

SG said...

Ah come on now Brandon the red tights would have been sweet! ;>
I love Halloween. I love the pictures, the candy, the trick or treating, the trunk or treating...all of it!

All those at UBC need our prayers. Tough days ahead as all the hype wears down and they are left withthis awful loss. You would have loved this guy. I heard they played a Zoe song Sunday night when the church met to pray and lean on each other. Thought you should know.

Rob said...

Had the Red Tights thing worked out, I think a small but audible alarm would have gone off in my mind saying softly and tenderly "get to Nashville right now. This you gotta see." On second thought, I'm glad said alarm was switched off.

Beautiful kids and a beautiful wife. Ain't God good?!

"George" said...

Adorable pictures! Your wife will have to repeat her costume next year with you in complementary outfit. I'm sure you could manage the tights!