Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Rock

The new cast dives in head first starting today! This past week they have been rehearsing while the old cast finishd out their contract. They have some HUGE shoes to fill. The cast coming off the Infinity was absolutely spectacular. This new cast will be too. They (we) have weathered some very difficult things this past week. However, they pulled together and were champs.

Here are some video clips from my outgoing cast's last show of "Let's Rock"...

Great Balls of Fire--view from 3rd balcony

more GB of F

Jeremy rockin' it OUT!

"Get Ready"

Jennie sings "Respect"

Proud Mary

Adam sings "Pinball Wizard"

We Are The Champions

Gloria medley

She Bangs

Kudos to this cast for representing us so well out there. Not only are they great performers, they are great people. I love their hearts!

I am at the Seattle airport and headed home. PRAISE GOD!!!

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