Monday, September 08, 2008

FUNNY old pictures

I was at my mom's over the weekend and ended up digging through some old pictures. I found some hilarious ones!!! I am as willing as the next person to laugh at myself...this post is certainly laugh-worthy.

The picture above is from a group I toured with in 1992 recruiting for the University. We had a blast! Pictured here are Becky James Shaver, me, Jon Paul Findley, Rick Wooten, Jill Anderson Powell, and Spencer Dailey

Kyle Dickson and Nino Elliott--great college friends (Kyle and I have been friends since we were 5)

Trish Savage Grisso and me...this was our Senior year. I was named Mr. ACU. Trish was named Miss ACU. We thought it was a sign. We had marriage plans. However, as God will do, He had other plans. We're both happily married other people. :) Trish is a great girl and a Light to many people.

Kristin King, Patrice Natiliccio Powell and me during Senior wars at ACU. Patrice and her hubby Cayce are at Otter Creek and we love spending time with their family. Kristin lives in France and we keep up through Facebook. God Bless Facebook!

Shawna Duff (we were also High School friends and happen to be cousins!) and Patrice

Take One 1989--very fun tour! This was an impromptu concert on the back porch of the Corlew's house in Nashville.
Erin Tomlin Massey and I went to my Gamma Sig grub together dressed as, can see.

No, this isn't a J.C. Penny ad from 1990. This is picture of ACU Sing Song Hosts 1991. Val Durrington, Stephen "4 eyes" Bailey, and me.

This picture is actually from High School. I was in a play...and the one and ONLY time I ever wore a KISS t-shirt. Pictured here with me are Rhonda (geez...last name??) and Julie Corlew Adkison

In 1993 I performed at Six Flags Over Texas all year. I started out in the Crazy Horse Saloon. Later I moved over to the Southern Palace. This pic is of my cast in the Saloon plus our music director Lindy Heath Cabe and choreographer Persis Ann.

Yes...I really AM posting this. I ended up going to work for Jean Ann Ryan Productions and was a principal singer on Norwegian Cruise Lines. (funny how things all come back around, ya know?) I am posing here with Audra Hudson. Audra has remained a close friend and sister in Christ for many years.

Matt Alexander and I backstage on the NCL Starward. Truly embarrassing.

I later went to work for Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth, TX. I wish I had a cast picture from The Music Man...but can't find it. This was one WEIRD show written by David Mamet. I think it was called The Space Pandas. Pictured here with me is B.J. Cleveland. And...yeah, that's me. wow.

While I lived in Dallas I was roommates with Dennis Coleman (in between times of rooming with Stephen Bailey). Those were some great times!


Beaner said...


My favorite "funny" picture is the one from Sing Song. The one where you're wearing a shirt full of penants??? What is up with that shirt???

The cruise pics are hilarious too! And after performing in several high school productions & a few in college, I KNOW there are some I would die of embarrasement to post!

maryann said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Laughed out loud!!!
You have worn many hats, my friend.
Love it!

John Scott Fred said...

OK it was Rhonda Royal...glad you did not post anymore pics from that summer of '89. Love you brother.

Matthew said...

Great pictures, you told a story that I enjoyed. Never met you before, but you must be a great singer.

LeeAnn said...

Oh my Loo! You made my day! BTW Holly wanted me to tell you she remembers the shirt you are wearing in the host picture. Too fun...and I plegded with Rhonda Royal so how is she in your college pics? Safe travels to Alaska. Bailey said she face booked you the other day. She is busy,stressing about getting a bid but having so much fun.

Amy said...

I'm glad you can laugh at yourself b/c I'm over here laughing at, I mean with, you!! That shirt - bless!

I enjoy your walks down memory lane. Even though I didn't know you at ACU those pics could just as easily been my friends at Lipscomb.