Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebrity Infinity Final Run-throughs

Yesterday our infinity cast did their final run-throughs. They did a great job! Here are some pictures and video from the "Celebrate the World" show. It's a beautiful show!

Can Can

Mitch begins the Venetian section


Funiculi funicula

Nessun Dorma



Africa section-- Kunya Sobe

I leave tomorrow to take the cast to Alaska. I am sad to be away from my family for a week bu pumped to see Alaska! I've never been!

Happy birthday today to our good friend Gary Musick! He is the MAN!!!


Amy said...

So I met some people yesterday who know you... Dana & Barbara... I don't even know their last names! Dana is the youth minister at the West Side Church of Christ here in Fort Worth. They evidently both went to school with you at ACU. Dana is now Ethan's baseball coach. Small world!!

Keith Brenton said...

The "Nessun Dorma" clip is TOO SHORT!

It's like half-a-teaspoon of chocolate mousse.

Hope you have a great voyage.