Friday, September 05, 2008

Infinity Rehearsals and Hilarity

We are down to the final week of rehearsals before I take the Infinity cast to Alaska next Friday. We've learned 3 1/2 shows now and they are a fantastic cast! This week we've been working on the 'Let's Rock" show..

Here are some cuts from our rehearsal today...

The show opener--Gimme Some Lovin'

Holly and Matt's duet is so nice...I wanted to record a bit of it. Then we all got cracked up so this is part one.

Here's the second take...almost serious this time.

Mitch sings Pinball Wizard

Roger sings an amazing Stevie Wonder!

During the course of these long weeks of rehearsal there have to be moments of hilarity or you lose your sanity. Sarah Dennison (from London) is not only a brilliant singer, she's also stinkin' hilarious. Early on in the rehearsal process she entertained us with a reenactment from a scene from the British version of "The Office". It made me laugh so hard that now I have to see it every other day or so! :) I am so excited to have captured this on video!

This was another bit of humor she gave us today...another scene. This cast has been so much fun to work with. I love them dearly!

Tonight we are going out to Cayce and Patrice Powell's house with Jeff and Anna Berry and Troy and Katie Link. We're excited about time with friends. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I was really tempted to make some commentary on the DNC and the RNC...but I decided against it. Maybe next week! :)


Anonymous said...

buddy, I have (and have had for years) every episode of the british version (the ORIGINAL and much funnier) of the office on DVD. you may borrow. you will hate every other tv show ever made after watching.

Elizabeth S said...

Those videos were great. I am so happy for you and your job. You seem to be having a great time. There is something to be said for having a job you love. Give my love to Sheryl!