Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Infinity Clips...some of Broadway

Some clips from my old cast's last week of doing Broadway on the Infinity

West Side Story

Adam singing "Maria" (I am so looking forward to Adam being back in Nashville! You might remember those hilarious pictures from last winter when we did that Abba tribute thing. Adam was one of those with me and Sheryl.) Adam will return next week and hopefully be a part of some Christmas stuff we have in the works. I love his voice!

"Tonight" from West Side Story

reprise of "Maria"'ll think it's over but wait for the last little part. The light comes back on and Adam NAILS the end with the sweet note! :)

The following clips are from the Les Mis section.

"One Day More" from Les Miserable

"One Day More" continued

"When Tomorrow Comes" from Les Mis

This is from the finale...a number from "Chorus Line"

Kudos to this cast for finishing SO strong! We are so very proud of them. Not only did they weather some storms over the months they were together, but they were also rated the very top in the fleet in entertainment. This group deserves a standing "O"! Great job, guys!!!

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