Saturday, September 27, 2008


Our ZOE conference is only 5 days away! We are getting so excited! For those who don't know, we have been producing worship conferences for over 10 years. We also produce worship recordings and resources such as books of music, an online magazine called "Wineskins", and other offerings. We have a Nashville conference each year that kicks of each year's theme and then we carry that out through the year with regional conferences. These regional conferences have been hosted in cities like Orlando, Dallas, St. Louis, Fresno, Lubbock, Houston, and other places. Our regular spots during the year include Fresno, Malibu, and Nashville. Stay tuned for our 2009 itinerary.

This next weekend we will have our conference entitled, "Fearless". It will be an awesome experience and I am excited to see everyone! If you're interested, check out the website listed over on the right.

Today we are celebrating Randy Read and Elle Bobier as they get married. Elle owns a very cool shop in Edge Hill called Elle’s Marché des Fleurs. It's a floral design shop. Randy is the publisher and editor of the Nashville Arts Magazine. Check out his website at .

Randy and Elle are having a small ceremony outside and Sheryl is doing the food and some decor. Elle, Randy and I have gotten to be buddies through work stuff. They immediately fell in love with Sheryl...who wouldn't? It should be a fun day. Would you join me in praying for them and that God will surround them and bless their lives together?

And one last thing...thoughts on the debate last night??


judy thomas said...

I think McCain won with his obvious experience in several realms, especially in traveling the world, meeting with heads of state and his knowledge of foreign diplomacy. A trip to Germany does not a diplomat or a president make.

MichaelPolutta said...

I do not think either candidate changed any minds with the debate. Supporters found things that reinforced their existing choice.

As your mom said, McCain has much more experience - which is important to me. Obama is more polished as a speaker, but there is just something about the way he talks (especially the way I perceive he talks down to McCain) that raises red flags for me.