Thursday, September 25, 2008


Economic Depression? Bailing out Wall Street? Cancelling debates? Coke or Pepsi? I mean...these questions are haunting me. What are you guys thinking out there?


Anonymous said...

What am I thinking? -- The first time I visited your site was about 7 minutes ago. I had just typed in "abide" in google and was searching for someone writing about remaining in Jesus. I saw your site and clicked the link to view the cached info for your entry "Abide". I read it and then navigated to your Mom's site. I read a bit there about what she's been reading lately, and then clicked on Zoe Worship. This took me back to your site (now the second time I have been here). 7 minutes later and now your site is showing not only your entry for today, but your entry from yesterday about Seattle. I live in Seattle. -- What am I thinking? Brother - time is short. Shorter than most people think. I am a Bible believing Christian, PTL, and without a doubt I know His return is near. But first, the whole world will be caught up in the miraculous working power of one who claims to speak for God, and then, one who claims to be God Himself. In your entry for "Abide", by the power of the Holy Spirit, you declare that God is love. His love is amazing! Free to all who will willingly receive the gift. Love does not force, Love draws. Love does not coerce, it does not need to. Love never fails. How will we know the true from the counterfeit? If you have not already, please prayerfully study 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17, Matthew 24:23-27, 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15, Isaiah 8:20, and Revelation 13:16-17. I will be praying for you and your family.

Sarah said...

And, with the above comment, I am thinking: a ginormous Diet Coke, maybe a DVD of Season 7 of the Gilmore Girls, and various and sundry other things I can do to put my head in the sand. Sorry, that's how I cope. I pretend things are grand. It's easier since I don't know what's going on other than what time soccer practice, praise team practice, and the volleyball game are. So, in short --- you get no answers from blog readers (yet).

Amy said...

Depression = I am missing Zoe this year.

But it's hard to be too depressed b/c we will be at Disney! Still, I wish the timing were different.

As far as current events, these are weird times. I am thankful nothing can steal away our hope and joy in Jesus.

Clarissa said...

I am missing ZOE to be at Disney this year, too!! How funny. I'm hoping I can catch another conference sometime in the next year ... I dunno.

Fajita said...

I volunteer to manage the 700 billion with a mere .00001 percent commission. I will do the following:

1. All mortgages are restructured.
2. All profits go to Americans in rebate checks for people earning under $60,000.
3. Create a website showing amount borrowed, amount recouped, rebates expected.
4. Website with forclosed houses (which are remodeled or brought up to code)
5. Bank executives get nothing.
6. Training of people out of work to help manage this and implement the Gonzalez plan.
7. Out every politician who was involved in making this mess (yes, on the website).

Yep. Just waiting to get my marching orders.

Justin said...

Bailout is a horrible idea. It will prolong the misery by not letting the market determine the prices of the bad assets. At best, the bailout buys a little time before a crash... but the crash will still come. And its possible that the government goes down with the economy. That would be bad news.

Here's our options:

No bailout. Stock market crashes, banks fail, unemployment goes up... but if the government brings all military home, cuts spending in half, and suspends or abolishes the income tax, we'll be better in a short time. There will be deflation (prices and wages will fall dramatically, which makes paying off debt more difficult) but that's a better option than

Bailout. Government incurs another trillion or more in debt. House prices are artificially held up, creating another bubble which will pop, sooner rather than later. We'll have hyperinflation. People will have wheelbarrows full of money, and they get mugged for the wheelbarrow cause its worth more. Middle class and below are completely devistated. And it goes on for a long long time.

No good options. But the better one, from my point of view, is clearly letting the market correct as quickly as possible.

Alan Henderson said...

Let’s see if I get the rationale for this whole bailout thing...we’re going to take money from the “have less” folks to give to the “have more” folks who’ve mismanaged the money they’ve already gotten from the “have less” folks so that the “have more” folks will once again have money to lend to the “have less” folks who will eventually get back from the “have more” folks the money they “loaned” them. Good grief!

judy thomas said...

See my blog of yesterday.

Phil said...

i'm thinking that I miss seeing my friend on a regular basis, but I look forward to next week.