Saturday, September 20, 2008

Infinity show..."Celebrate the World"

The final show of the week was "Celebrate the World". Our exiting cast really knocked it out of the park on it...their very last performance. Here are some video clips of the show...a beautiful presentation celebrating life around the world. Amazing costumes, incredible songs, and stunning visuals.

Here are some video clips of some of the sections...

Opener--Celebrate the World

Can-Can (French section)

Funiculi Funicula 1

Funiculi Funicula 2

end of Funiculi Funicula

Nessun Dorma

end of Nussun Dorma...the money note! ;) Jeremy rocked this. The audience went crazy at the end.


China section...this is a beautiful number! Normally, there are also aerialists who fly during the song but they were out this week. It was a shame because it is really gorgeous to see. Jennie did a great job on this.

end of the China section

Russia section..."Kalinka". These numbers are always made even more interesting by the Russian dancers we employ. Dustin sounds great on this!

Africa-- "Kunya Sobe"

Adam sings "Only in America"

Courtney does Dixie Chicks

Jeremy sings "Rio"

End of "Rio"...the feather packs the girls have on are really amazing to see. It's a throw back to the old Follies style movies. Really pretty!

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