Sunday, August 24, 2008


Over the weekend Sheryl and I made a trip south of town about 25 minutes to Arrington Vineyards. Kix Brooks (of the country group Brooks and Dunn) and the husband of one of our friends from the William Morris Agency started this winery several years ago. It has really become an amazing place. Sheryl and I LOVE Napa Valley, California and the vineyards out there. This had the very same feel. It was such a cool place! People brought picnics and ate out under the night sky by candle-light. There were wine tastings as well. It was such a fun outing and for those of you from Nashville, or anyone else planning a trip, put this on your MUST visit list.

Sunday morning I was finally able to go back to Fellowship (I've been out of town and have missed the last few Sundays). It was wrap up of Nehemiah. It was probably the most incredible Sunday morning I have ever experienced. I loved it. The worship was awesome (Ronnie Freeman led). Everything about the morning was fantastic. I cried from start to finish. Again...such a confirmation that it is right where we should be right now.

After church we headed up to the studio for a run-through of the Broadway show so I could take notes and work with the cast. This show on the Infinity includes sections from West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, and Chorus Line.

Les Mis
Chorus Line
I recorded a few moments from our run-through yesterday. Here is a scene from West Side Story... With Mitch and Sarah.

West Side Story...continued

Phantom...This is Holly Whited (ACU grad). She sounds awesome! Our Phantom isn't here yet. He's just finishing another contract. The man working with her is Bruce Stegmann...our head choreographer. If what he's doing looks creepy, it's supposed to...he IS the Phantom of the Opera, you know. :)

There is a lengthy section in this show from Les Mis. It's really incredible...complete with the barricade on stage. What you'll see below is a well-known song from Les Mis called "Bring Him Home" sung by Roger Wright. Roger is from London and was the original Simba in "Lion King" on the West End in London. He stayed with Lion King for 3 years before touring with several other shows. Roger is a great guy!

This is a scene from the end of Les Mis...At the end of this section the cast marches forward and as they are singing the final chord they are on lifts and are going down into the orchestra pit as they sing. It's an awesome moment. Obviously, it's still rehearsal and there are some rough spots here and there but we're making lots of progress.

The cast sits, exhausted, ready for notes from Bruce, Claire, and me.

After rehearsal Sheryl met with the Musicks to talk through flowers for their daughter's wedding and the kids and I played. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would go to the school where my father was principal and would play and sing on the stage while he worked in his office. (Little did I know that he always turned the monitor on in his office so he could hear me.)

They danced around and played in the studio and then I took them up to the costume room. Their eyes were HUGE! It was like a wonderland! I was able to snap some hilarious pics...

Sam has quite the performer gene in him. I love this picture!!

We had a great day rounded off with dinner at Rosepepper with the Musicks. I love weekends!

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annie said...

Thanks for the tip about Arrington Vineyards. I'm wondering if my sister has been there. (She moved to N'ville last year)

Enjoyed the video clips, & judging from so many of the pics of your kids, I think all three of them have the performance gene in them! Cute, cute!