Monday, August 18, 2008

Farewell to the Spirit

Here are some video clips from Radio. The cast rocked!!

We had a great night out after opening night and then again the final night of the cruise. The cast presented Claire, Gary and me with gifts. SO SWEET! This cast has been such a dream. They will be missed around here. But we're SO thankful that they are out there representing us. I know audiences will love them!

Jeff, Zoie and me

The boys persuaded our choreographer, Claire, to pose with all of us. Everyone loves Claire!

The cast minus Carissa (who was doing her job as wardrobe supervisor)

Jeff, Topher, Megan, Amy and me

It was a wonderful install and I wish this cast all the best. You are in my heart...all of you! I will be praying for a wonderful contract out there. I miss you all!

Meanwhile, life doesn't stop. I flew back from NYC yesterday and had the best reception ever from my kids screaming "Daaaaaddyyyyyyy!!!!!!" I loved it! We had a great night last night and I got to take them to school this morning and meet their teachers and see their very cool classrooms. Maddie's teacher has a cruise ship theme in her class room (the whole "Welcome aboard" kind of thing) so we had a great visit about that and I might have some things for her to use! :)

Right after dropping them at school I sped to the studio for orientation with my new cast. I am teaching the Celebrity Infinity cast (my 3rd Infinity cast). It's a very cool group...very international. We have cast members from Italy, the Ukraine, Russia, England, Canada, and the US. One of the singers was the original adult Simba in Lion King on West End (London's Broadway). Another singer is Holly Whited...ACU grad who worked or us on the NCL Gem last year. I am excited about working with her. She is also a Lake Highlands Church alumnus (my church in Dallas). This cast is extremely mutli-talented. I will have more stories about them soon.

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Katherine said...

Brandon, I don't think the bottom 5 video clips have sound. Starting with Weird Science. At least they don't on my computer. I would think that maybe it's a problem on my end.....but I have a mac so, that's not possible ;)