Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Early Morning Fun With Bear

Right after Sheryl and I married 10 years ago our first baby came into our lives. She was a fuzzy, adorable, gentle puppy named "Bear". Thanks to Hainey Price Staley she was saved from the pound in Fort Worth, Texas. She rode all the way back to Nashville in the floor board of our Honda. We were in love.

Over the last ten years Bear has helped raise our kids...literally. Each of them learned to walk by holding on to her fur and pulling on her (she never snapped once but patiently tugged them along). I could write a book about the sweetness of "Bear" and how much she has meant to us. She is truly a part of our family.

We're not really sure when she was born but we know it was around this time. So, I'd like to dedicate this blog today to "Bear" and our 10 wonderful years with her.

I snapped this picture this can see how loved she is! :) Happy Birthday, Bear!


judy thomas said...

When each child was a baby and strangers came to call (those that Bear did not know), she would always park herself in front of the child's bedroom guarding her treasure. She is a wonderful dog.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I was a part in making Bear a member of your family. What an amazing rescue! :) I love you Booger-Bear! :)
Hainey....and Greg, too!

Laura said...

Wish I had such affection for Roxy. Poor dog.

Have you seen the latest 'worst album cover' rankings? Check 'em out!

annie said...

Your post with adorable pic, & your mom's comment are both so sweet! Thanks for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

Some Bear trivia... She started her life named "Two" b/c she was identified as the "second dog" at my parent's house.

Octamom said...

No.Way.--just found you through a blog of a blog of a blog--kind of a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon thing--and there you were!

I try to stay a little anonymous in the blog world, but if you stop over at my place, you'll probably recognize a couple of wild and crazy kids who went to college with you who got married and went on to have 8 kidlets of their own. One of us served as SA Treasurer--and one of us did the radio and television thing. One of us worked for Bob Hunter and one of us played the oh-so-proud girlfriend.

So, it'll be a quiz of sorts--come on over--see anybody you know?


Octamom said...

This post might give you more of a hint ;o)