Friday, August 08, 2008

Madeline at Sea

Dear Maddie, Ella and Sam...

Madeline is doing well! She is having a lot of fun. This morning the cast had fittings for their costumes and Madeline was being so crazy! (Well, ok, maybe it was Daddy. But still.) She is kind of sad today because the sky is dark and cloudy and she actually has some time to be outside. Oh well!

Madeline will go later to check on Amy who has been quarantined because of a stomach virus. YUCK! On second thought, maybe Madeline will just call her to see if she's feeling better.

I hope you're all having a great day!


PS: Here are some pictures of Madeline backstage in the dressing room!

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Lori said...

So sorry that Amy's sick. Tell her her family is thinking of her and hoping she's feeling better soon. We've tried to call and email but obviously if she's stuck in her room she doesn't know. We all love her, mom especially.