Saturday, August 16, 2008

NCL Spirit Opening Night #2

Last night the cast opened "On The Radio"...a very fast paced show with songs ranging from Motown classics to Tina Turner to more recent pop hits. It was a huge success. The crowds loved it. This cast is spectacular and I know they will have a great contract out here.

Now it's time for Claire and I to let them spread their wings and fly. We arrive in NYC tomorrow and then fly home. We're both so thankful for this great install and for their hard work and professionalism and pray many blessings for them over the next 6-7 months. I have some video clips that I will try and upload once I am back on land.

In family appears that Maddie has her first loose tooth! COOL! And, in true Thomas form, at the end of my phone conversation with my 3 year old (Sam) on the phone yesterday he ended by quoting the movie "Elf" (one of our favorites). He said in a low funny voice "Byyyye Buddy...hope you find your dad!" I laughed so hard. If you don't know the movie, that quote won't make sense, but I loved hearing him inject some humor into our conversation. I can't wait to get home and see everyone!!


Beaner said...

Oh man - we LOVE 'Elf' in our household & quote it waaaaay too often. After burping at the table, someone will say "Did you hear that?" and my son loves to run around saying "Buddy the Elf - what's your favorite color?" or when talking about someone, he'll say "He's an angry elf." That movie is rich!!!!

Cindy Gravitt said...

Love those costumes - (is that the appropriate term?) and LOVE Elf!