Monday, August 04, 2008

They say the neon lights are bright...

Claire and I made it to NYC yesterday and got everything situated in time for the cast to get here. They barely made it to the ship before sail away. I was trying not to freak out (a.k.a. freaking out). Everyone made it safely and is doing well.

It's fun seeing my other cast again too. Their Broadway show is tonight. The new cast will sit in the audience at both shows and soak up as much as possible.

I am working these two cruises as Musical Director and Production Manager. I have been in meetings and rehearsals since we arrived. Tonight will be a fun break while we cheer on the current cast. Rusty Pettit, who is one of the singers and the company manager on board for the current cast has done a fantastic job. Kevin Garvey who is dance captain has also done a great job. (Hi, Kevin's mom!! We love your son!!) Kevin agreed to extend another contract and be company manager for the new cast. He fits perfectly with all of them.

Tonight we're all going to eat sushi and to the shows. Hello to my family at home. Miss you all so much! Thanks for calling and writing me so much, Maddie!

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Joel Quile said...

As Executive Vice President (Boone is the President) and Co-founder of MA (Moocher's Anonymous), I would like to extend to you an invitation to take Kim and I on one of your cruises any time you'd like. In other words, "feel free to make it free for Kim and me."

After all, the MA mantra is, "thanks to you, it works for us."

I love you bro and miss you. Do you work any cruises on Lake Grapevine or head up any shows in Trophy Club any time soon?