Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Spirit pics and Multi-cultural-isms

We call this... "Shane Live". Hilarious Spirit cast member from Liverpool.

BST and Zoie
Jeff Pettit

"Movin' Out"


My mind is swimming in multi-cultural thoughts right now. I remember when I first performed on ships YEARS ago. I hadn't been around that many different and varied cultures--ever. I was raised in West Texas by parents who, as far as I know, had no prejudices. I never heard derogatory remarks about people in my house. BUT, even still, it was eye opening.

Watching the Olympics has been amazing. There's clear competition and rivalry, but it's also nice to see the interaction of the competitors at times. It's also been cool working with my new cast and seeing how these performers from different parts of the world are coming together.

Along those lines...Sam was really cracking me up yesterday. For one thing, as he left my mom's house he turned and wished her a "Happy Kwanza". HILARIOUS! Then when he got home Sheryl and I overheard him singing "Dradle, Dradle, Dradle" a Hanukkah song. (it's on some random Christmas CD that the kids play over and over all year round)

It's a big world out there. Not everyone sees things the way you (or I) do. That's a really good thing, in my opinion.

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annie said...

Keep those funny comments from your cute kids comin', & I love seeing pics & videos of the different casts you work with. How I'd love to go on one of these cruises!

OK now, "Seasons of Love" at N'ville Zoe---please? :) Even at an evening concert or something?