Friday, August 15, 2008

I do!

Happy anniversary to us! We are celebrating 10 years of marriage today. Even though we are a couple of thousand miles apart, we're celebrating!
I am so thankful for Sheryl and all she means to me. It's been such a fun ride...full of excitement and heartache. We're on this ride together and for that I am grateful!
Happy Anniversary, Sheryl! I can't wait to be back home!


julie said...

Brandon, you do have a beautiful wife! But not just her looks!

Amy said...

What a milestone! Congrats!
Jon and I also had our 10th in June!

judy thomas said...

See my blog. Love, Mom

Mark Lowenstein said...

Whoa!!! Your anniversary is on the 15th of August??!!! So did we!! But we had to do a "raincheck" as we have so much riding on our end!! We're fixing to go overseas later this winter where it's nice and warm while America is under "ice"!!

We celebrated (briefly) 16 years of marriage, married on August 15th, 1992!!! :)

Happy anniversary to both of you!!