Saturday, August 30, 2008

American Girl Trip

Several months ago my mom had a brilliant idea. She discovered that one of only 4 American Girl Doll stores in the USA was in Atlanta. So, we made plans to go. The girls have asked for a couple of years for one of those dolls but we've been making them wait until they were old enough to appreciate it.

Last week I found a Marriott hotel online that had an American Girl package. My mom was all over it. The girls and my mom are in the American Girl room...complete with pink sheets, towels, lamps, bean bag, and cookies and milk delivered each day. They also had robes for their dolls and themselves waiting on their beds with an American Girl doll bed, compliments of the hotel. The screams were deafening.

By the way...Sam is being a very good sport. :)

Here are some pictures of our weekend so far...

The American Girl room!

Sam digs the bean bag...even if it is pink!

This morning we had an "American Girl Breakfast" downstairs

My mom and the girls pose outside as they are literally about to wet their pants with anticipation!

Maddie fell in love with Elizabeth.

Ella fell in love with Samantha!

The girls pose with Nonnie and their new dolls

The mall had an awesome carousel too!

Sam's prize this weekend was his dream...becoming a red Power Ranger. (Thank you Disney Store!)

Here are some video clips from today--

Tonight we are headed to the Cheesecake Factory and then some indoor pool action. It's been so fun seeing the kids' excitement. I think this is one of those weekends to remember.


Kevin said...

Just precious!! You're setting the bar pretty high. Please promise us that you'll never tell Gracie about this. We plan on keeping her locked in the house until she starts college!

Kara Graves said...

oh what a fun trip! Sweet Sam must be a patient little brother :) I grew up absolutely adoring my American girl dolls and still have them in a safe place for my girl one day.

Keith and Martha said...

How fun! I love it and am dreaming of doing the same with my girls one day. I love that your sweet mama was "all over" it and that everyone was able to go. Tell your mama and Sheryl that I love them!

Blessings, sweet friend! Martha

LeeAnn said...

How fun! Bailey who just started her second year at ACU was American Girl doll crazy. Her first was Molly...she loved her because she wore glasses and grew up in time of Bailey's "Rose" mom. She read every book and still has them all. Since ya'll have stayed in her room you probably saw her collection of dolls on her window seat. I love walking in her room and seeing that reminder of her little girl days!

Beaner said...

Jess loves American Girl stuff too, and even though we are only 2 hours from the Chicago store, we have escaped it thus far. I bought her a Target version of the AG Doll for Christmas last year & she thought it was a great idea because it was less expensive than the "real thing". CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? I got away with it!!!!!

Phil said...

excellent job. I'm sure they had a great time and kudos to Judy too.

HW said...

American Girl is a little girl's dream place. We took our daughter for her eight birthday and as we headed up the escalator she turned around to me and said "Mommy, this is the best vacation I've EVER had." I daresay it ranks right up there with Disney World for little girls...and their moms.
I'm thrilled for your daughters.

Keith Brenton said...

Way too cute!

judy thomas said...

I loved every minute of it!

Stephen Bailey said...

Bless Sam's heart.