Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More NCL Spirit

Last night was such a blast!! I got to get off the ship in Cape Canaveral for a bit---long enough to meet my old friend Darcy Chapman and her girls for dinner. (I missed seeing Tim and the boys but they were at football practice.) We had such a great time laughing! Thanks for coming to see me, Darcy! (You'll find their blog link over to the right under my favorite sites) Darcy and I used to sing together and still do sometimes when she travels with ZOE. She and Sheryl knew each other in Michigan growing up.

When I arrived back at the ship it was "White Hot Nights". Everyone dressed in white and they had festivities everywhere. It was a lot of fun!

Candice Maxsom, me, Kevin Garvey and Rusty Pettit.

The current cast was all decked out for White Hot Night.

The new cast had their photo made for the marquee last night. They all looked really sharp!

Amy Bloom, India Payton-Granderson, Megan Scully, and Zoie Morris pose for the camera.
Before I left home, we went through this ritual where I hugged and kissed two of their favorite stuffed animals so they could sleep with them at night and think about me. They decided this time to send "Madeline" with me. Ella and Maddie both "spoke" with her and prepared her for her first big trip and Ella explained to her that she would be safe and sound packed away in Daddy's suitcase. So, here are some pictures of Madeline and the cast's best wishes sent back to the kids...

Zoie says, "Hi, Maddie, Ella and Sam...we miss you!!!"

Shane Gould sends kisses to the kids!

Vicki and Megan send their love to Maddie, Ella, and Sam!

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