Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cast Update

We had our first dress/tech run of Radio today. The cast did such a great job and we still have two more days before they open! we are so proud of their very hard work!

Two nights ago at dinner they made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a very long time. Over the course of their rehearsal time as they've gone out to eat they've secretly elected one of them to have a birthday and informed their server. They were very sneaky and I was completely caught off guard as all the servers brought a birthday cake to the table in the main dining room two nights ago and sang Happy Birthday to me. I came close to throwing up I was laughing SO hard. I seriously don't know when I have laughed that hard.

It all just made me think...I'm so grateful to be in a job that I love. This is a great cast. I feel so blessed to be working with them. Those of you who are their family members who are reading...thank you for allowing us the honor of working with your family members. Every once in a while a cast comes along who just clicks. It's a real thing of beauty!

Tonight we are somewhere between the British Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. It was a beautiful day here but my mind is in Nashville with my family. I miss them. I just saw pictures on Kevin's Facebook account of the girls' first day to school. He posted them for me since the files were too big to email. THANK YOU, Kevin!! I loved them!

Have a great night everyone!

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