Sunday, July 26, 2009

We had a great night at Arrington Vineyards with Ryan and Sarah Williamson. Ryan and I have been friends for more than 20 years. Sarah and Sheryl lived together while at ACU. Our daughters, Maddie and Sydney, are the same age and best friends. Their friendship is the fiercest of loyalties...and they've already informed us all that they have plans to room together at ACU (they're only going into 2nd grade).

It was a beautiful night. I have been in a tremendous amount of pain with my back (having an MRI this week) but being out there was a nice distraction. We are all going back out there in September for the Loggins/ Messina concert. I am SO EXCITED about that!

Dinner--fruits, cheeses, YUM!

If you go out to Arrington, be sure to do the wine tasting.

Sunset...gorgeous night!

Tonight Ben and Eve English brought over some dinner and their cute little kitties. Bless their hearts (the kittens). Our kids had to have almost given them a stroke. Serious sensory overload! We are blessed by our dear friends. Blessed and thankful.

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