Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Maddie!

Happy birthday to my sweet Maddie. Today is her 8th birthday. It's so hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday she looked just like her picture above. She has been such a delight to all of us for 8 years. She is a caring, smart, charming little girl who loves to read and loves to write stories and songs. Everyone told us when we started our family that time flies and to soak in every single moment. They were right. One day they have nursery rhymes playing and the next day they're making up dances to Hannah Montana songs. Sheesh!

My mom took Maddie shopping for her birthday to "Justice". Maddie was so excited about her new clothes.

Maddie and Ella

Maddie and some of her birthday buddies
(Darcy, Sydney, Chesley, and Ella)

Sheryl helps with the birthday craft--ribbon covered flip flops

Maddie models her flip flops

Aunt Kiki gave Maddie a lava lamp! She was SO excited!

Maddie and her best buddy, Sydney. They've been friends since birth and have already informed us that they plan to room together at ACU.

Darcy visits the face painting station

Sam the monster cat!



Happy Birthday, dear Maddie!

I love the little girl squeals as they open birthday presents. I know these won't last forever. I love them!


annie said...

That first pic of Maddie on this post is beautiful! And, you're right about how fast it goes by. We were with our boys this past weekend at the lake, & they were talking about past 4th of Julys at various places, & what they were bringing up seemed like yesterday AND forever ago. Revel in these days, please!

pete wilson said...