Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today we were in Malta. I have no idea where to even begin. Malta was unbelievable. It dates back to 5000 BC for one thing. Yes…5000. So, it has an ancient world feel. St. John’s Cathedral is really beautiful. We toured it and then had lunch at a pasta place across the street and upstairs that looked out over it. We had to be back on the ship by 2pm so we walked pretty quickly (my feet are SO TIRED!) By the way--Paul had a missionary journey here...parts of Malta look just as they would have when he was there.

As we sailed away from Malta…on the other island there is a large section that Hollywood studios own. This where they make every movie that was supposed to be set in ancient times…Gladiator, Troy, etc. You can see why. They even added to the section a fake reproduction of the coliseum. Everything else is real, but that was constructed. It’s where they filmed Gladiator.

Everyone tried to prepare me for the heat—they all said, “it’s a different kind of hot.” It was like the hottest day in Arizona. Microwave oven hot.

I took a LOT of pictures...here are just a few.

Inside St. John's Cathedral

I was so excited that we could take pictures inside!


I love this!

I like taking random pictures that just give you a feel of how things look.

Ryan, Kwame and me in front of St. John's

Here's the entrance to where we had lunch...

then up these stairs to pasta heaven!

This is the view from our table of St. John's

On one of the balconies of the restaurant

I love pictures of doors. This might be one of my favorite yet. You can see the Maltese cross on each door.

LOTS of walking!

Ryan, Kwame and Jamie

Wonder whose yacht that is?? It's huge! (and a slight bit tacky if you ask me...kind of spoils the beauty)

As we were walking back to the Gem, this Clipper ship sailed in. TOO COOL!

another door...Jamie commented that those Bougainvillea (sp?) look like they were painted by God. Beautiful!

On sail away, Ryan and I went up to the top deck and took these pictures. You can get a real sense of the ancient feel.

This is the section where they filmed Gladiator and Troy

Bye bye, Malta!

There were islands on either side of the ship and both had identical light houses
Tomorrow is another show day--the 70's show ("Get Down Tonight"). We'll be in Naples.


Arlene Kasselman said...

Brandon, these pictures are incredible. I felt like I was there. Amazing beauty.

Shane Coffman said...

Awesome pictures - thanks for sharing. Hope your back is holding up well on the trip.

Brenda H. said...

Brandon, I'm a bit behind (I've been in the hospital after spine surgery), and just now read your July 9 "Pain" blog. Jeff Lawrence (Jim & Ginger's son-in-law) is a top-notch orthopaedic doctor with Premier Orthopaedics. If your particular problem is not in his area of specialty, he will refer you to the one in his practice who is. Jeff always asks his patients if he can pray with them before he performs a procedure on them. Not often you find a doctor who does that! I waited longer than I should have to seek proper help, and I thank God for doctors! (I'm in your sweet mother's book club.)

annie said...

Wonderful pics!