Friday, July 10, 2009

Arrington Vineyard

Tonight we went out to Arrington Vineyards with the family, Chris and Gail and their kids, Kevin and Kiki and Jeff and Anna Berry and their kids. It was a perfect night. We enjoyed a picnic on the grass as we listened to a wonderful jazz trio play and watched the sun set with a brilliant display of colors.

Ella wanted me to take her picture inside next to this poster. :)

It was SO HARD not to pick these!!!

Kevin and Kiki


Ella Thomas and Ellis Berry

Sheryl and me

Jeff and Ellis Berry

Anna and Parker Berry

Sam and Ellis Berry

Chris and Gail (Sheryl's sister)

Parker Berry cracks me up. He has this "Hulk" act that kills me. He wouldn't do it in its entirety for me tonight but I captured a bit of it here. can see the amazing beauty of Arrington in this short video clip.

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Amy Boone said...

Nothing quite like taking the kids out for a good old wine tasting! Ha!