Monday, July 13, 2009

Tech Run of "Colorz"

The ship is at sea today. It's extremely windy! We're on our way to Malta. Be there tomorrow. Tonight is the first production show..."Colorz". The tech run this afternoon went really well. It's a great show. Dave did a really wonderful job writing and arranging it. Ryan is doing a fantastic job of stepping right into the shows. The singers are sounding incredible!

Ryan and the dancers

Tiffany and Kwame sing "Color Of My Love"

David is doing a little James Bond back there while Ryan sings "Band of Gold"

Jamie, Tiffany and Kwame run through"Orange Colored Sky"

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annie said...

Question/s. Do you ever get seasick---especially when it's so windy? Do any of the dancers/singers as they're performing? (I haven't had a particularly busy day, so I've had time to wonder) :)