Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rome...a teaser

No internet time to write...just wanted to send a peek for the fam back home . Rome was incredible today. We all walked at least 30 miles and saw just about everything. It was the one day, double shot of espresso, kind of victory. My emotions were all over the map today. I wept in St. Peter's. I was so moved at the Pantheon. But walking down the street of ruins into the Coliseum at the end of that street...that was awesome too.

I'll post more are a few

The Vatican in the background

Ruins of Ancient Rome

therre were soldiers standing outside the Coliseum


Trevi...this is the fountain sung about in the old song "Three Coins in a Fountain"
(or in my case TWO coins in a fountain...two wishes!)

The Vatican St. Peter's Basilica. Weep inducing, magnificent house of worship.

Tiffany, BST, Kwame, and Jamie

Coming into the Basilica in The Vatican. Incredible!

More to come. Tomorrow we take a train to Florence. We're doing to see The David!


Josh Ross said...

I'm jealous.
Did you put on a soldier suit?

annie said...

Isn't Italy just wonderful?! And, I've never had a bad meal there---ever. Glad you're getting to see the sights!