Monday, July 20, 2009


I am going to try and post some pics from the shows last week. The first one is called "Colorz". It's a really cool show and a great collaboration by Gary and Dave. And Dave did an awesome job orchestrating and arranging the show. It's cool to see initial concepts and then see it up and running out there and looking great! All the numberrs have something to do with a color of some sort.

Here are some pics in random order...

Ryan Hunt and Tiffini Dodson--Ebony and Ivory

Ryan-- Band of Gold

Ryan-- Band of Gold

Jamie Godfrey-- Pink Cadillac

Ryan-- Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

Ryan-- Red Hot Mama

Ryan-- Blue Suede Shoes

Tiffini, Jamie and Kwame Remy-- Orange Colored Sky

Ryan- Yellow Brick Road

Ryan, David, Beetle, and Igor play the Beatles singing "Yellow Submarine" (Hannah and Lynnea dancing)

Jamie-- Goldfinger

Tiffini starts the show singing "Colors"

Kwame sings "Blue Monday"

Tiffini, Jamie and Kwame sing "Orange Colored Sky"

Kwame and Jamie sing "Black or White" and "Men in Black"

"Goldfinger" (I love the last note. Jamie rocks it!)

Jamie sings "Pink Cadillac"

"Purple Haze"

Kwame and Tiffini sing "Color Of My Love".

Simon and Elena dance beautifully!

Ryan, Kwame, Tiffini and Jamie sing "Old Black Magic"

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