Thursday, July 23, 2009

Florence, Italy and Cannes, France

Last week we rode the train into Florence one day. It was a fun experience just riding the train--THERE (the return trip was just too hot). This picture was taken in the train station.

Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence (one of only six bridges in all of Italy spared by the retreating German army)

David rubs the boar for luck

taken on Ponte Vecchio bridge

Ponte Vecchio

this was taken outside where the real "David" used to stand (it's now stored inside and this replica stands in its place)

The best meal I had in Europe

Ryan took this shot...I think it's so cool

David Loudermilk (one of the dancers)

Santa Maria del Fiore (also known simply as the Duomo) was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1294 to be the largest Roman Catholic church in the world (although the design was later reduced in size), with the first stone being laid on September 8, 1296.


Tiffini, Jamie, David and me

Meanwhile, that night back on the ship we had a cast dinner. Everyone was there except Hannah who was sick.

Cannes, France--home of the infamous international film festival--the biggest events had just happened a couple of weeks before this

This was in a park right down from the theater in Cannes on the beach. I thought it was cool that it was a double decker.


We were in Cannes with the NCL Jade. We also produce the shows on the Jade (I've put clips on my blog before...Smokey Joe's Cafe, Shout, etc)

We met up with some of the cast from the Jade--in this picture:

Adrienne, Kwame, Megan, Jamie and me

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annie said...

I especially love your Firenze pics. Our younger son lived there for almost 2 yrs., & we had some wonderful trips visiting him. Never had a bad meal in Italia!