Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Get Down Tonight"

One of my favorite shows on the Gem is called "Get Down Tonight" and it's all 70's music. It's so fun! This is an original Gary Musick Productions show. Dave Patton did a great job on this one as well.

The cast rocks this show! Ryan Hunt let me borrow his way cool Nikon camera to take pictures. I LOVED IT! I'm thinking...birthday? It's a big birthday this time, ya know.

Kwame does a little James Brown :)

"School's Out For Summer"

"Still the One"

"C'mon Get Happy"

"Our Way" (Lavern & Shirley)

The band rocks out there!


Did I mention that I am adding a camera like this to my birthday wish list? (actually with this on the list...the list would be more like one item)

I love this shot! :)


"Love Train"


"Boogie Wonderland"

"American Band"

"Still the One"

The following few clips are from the 70's TV show portion (which I LOVE!)

"C'mon Get Happy" (Partridge Family)

"Those Were the Days" (All in the Family)

"Brady Bunch"

"Funky Town"

"That's the Way"

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