Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ZOE Recording and SPIRIT rehearsals

Thanks to Chris Yoakum (our most excellent engineer) we had an awesome studio this year. We normally record at 1st Avenue Sound in Franklin, but it was booked this year and so we ended up in a different studio. It was awesome! Take 6 and Boys to Men recorded here and it is GREAT for vocals.

One problem the mixing room, there were these low hanging orange lights. I about knocked myself out every single night. I even cracked one by running into it. We all know I wasn't blessed with grace in walking. I'll dance all day, but ask me to walk and I might kill myself or take someone else out.

Chris and BST
ZOE---the last night of recording (we were missing Philip Organ). Randy Gill was with us some throughout the process too. He wrote a song around the Fearless theme...INCREDIBLE!

Meanwhile, my Norwegian Cruise Line SPIRIT cast is in and we are deep into rehearsals. We're living in the Broadway show this week. I've got Hairspray songs flying around in my head!

The cast of the SPIRIT on their first day--pictured here with Claire (choreographer) and me.
L-R...Jeff Petitt, Dean Reilly, Shane Gould, Megan Scully, Amy Bloom, Zoie Morris, India Payton-Granderson, Topher Burks, Claire Williams... and in the front row...Carissa Bellando and Vicki Surtees. It's a great group!
ZOE recording rough clips coming soon!


Thurman8er said...

Just dropping in to say I LOVE YOU, BRO!!

'Cause I hadn't said that for a while.

Amy said...

Those lights look dangerous.

I may have to miss Zoe this year which makes me very sad. :( Do you allow drop-ins at the last minute?